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Archived FIPS Publications

Below is a list of withdrawn computer security FIPS Publications, including those that have been revised or superceded by a different FIPS.

FIPS 201Feb 2005Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors *
  Withdrawn: Mar 2006
  Superceded By: FIPS 201 -1
FIPS 198Mar 2002The Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) *
  Withdrawn: Jul 2008
  Superceded By: FIPS 198 -1
FIPS 186--3Jun 2009Digital Signature Standard (DSS)
  Withdrawn: July 19, 2013
  Superceded By: FIPS 186 -4
  Archived File
FIPS 186--2Jan 2000Digital Signature Standard (DSS)
  Withdrawn: Jun. 10, 2009
  Superceded By: FIPS 186 -3
  Archived File
FIPS 180--3Oct 2008Secure Hash Standard (SHS)
  Withdrawn: Mar. 6, 2012
  Superceded By: FIPS 180-4
FIPS 180--2Aug 2002Secure Hash Standard (SHS) *
  Withdrawn: Oct 2008
  Superceded By: FIPS 180 -3
FIPS 171Apr 1972Key Management Using ANSI X9.17 *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
  Superceded By: SP 800 57
FIPS 141Apr 1985Interoperability and Security Requirements for Use of the Data Encryption Standard with CCITT Group 3 Facsimile Equipment *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 25, 2000
FIPS 139Aug 1983Interoperability and Security Requirements for Use of the Data Encryption Standard in the Physical Layer of Data Communications *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 25, 2000
FIPS 113May 1985Computer Data Authentication
  Withdrawn: Sep 2008
FIPS 112May 1985Password Usage *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
FIPS 102Sep 1983Guidelines for Computer Security Certification and Accreditation *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
  Superceded By: SP 800 37
FIPS 87Mar 1981Guidelines for ADP Contingency Planning *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
  Superceded By: SP 800-34
FIPS 83Sep 1980Guideline on User Authentication Techniques for Computer Network Access Control *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
FIPS 81Dec 1980DES Modes of Operation *
  Withdrawn: May 19, 2005
FIPS 74Apr 1981Guidelines for Implementing and Using the NBS Data Encryption Standard *
  Withdrawn: May 19, 2005
FIPS 73Jun 1980Guidelines for Security of Computer Applications *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
FIPS 65Aug 1975Guidelines for Automatic Data Processing Risk Analysis *
  Withdrawn: Aug. 25, 1995
  Superceded By: SP 800-30
FIPS 481977Guidelines on Evaluation of Techniques for Automated Personal Identification *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
FIPS 46-3Oct 1999Data Encryption Standard (DES); specifies the use of Triple DES *
  Withdrawn: May 19, 2005
  Archived File
FIPS 41May 1975Computer Security Guidelines for Implementing the Privacy Act of 1974 *
  Withdrawn: Nov. 18, 1998
FIPS 39Feb 1976Glossary for Computer Systems Security *
  Withdrawn: Apr. 29, 1993
  Superceded By: NIST IR 7298
FIPS 31Jun 1974Guidelines for Automatic Data Processing Physical Security and Risk Management *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
  Superceded By: SP 800 30
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