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Archived Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publications

Below is a list of withdrawn computer security FIPS Publications, including those that have been revised or superceded by a different FIPS.

Email Patrick O'Reilly if you need to get a copy of an archived publication. Note that some of the 500 series documents are only available in hard copy and can be mailed upon request.

List of current CSD Publications (Final & Draft) (right-click to save file)

FIPS 201Feb 2005Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors *
  Withdrawn: Mar 2006
  Superceded By: FIPS 201 -1
FIPS 198Mar 2002The Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) *
  Withdrawn: Jul 2008
  Superceded By: FIPS 198 -1
FIPS 186--3Jun 2009Digital Signature Standard (DSS)
  Withdrawn: July 19, 2013
  Superceded By: FIPS 186 -4
  Archived File
FIPS 186--2Jan 2000Digital Signature Standard (DSS)
  Withdrawn: Jun. 10, 2009
  Superceded By: FIPS 186 -3
  Archived File
FIPS 180--3Oct 2008Secure Hash Standard (SHS)
  Withdrawn: Mar. 6, 2012
  Superceded By: FIPS 180-4
FIPS 180--2Aug 2002Secure Hash Standard (SHS) *
  Withdrawn: Oct 2008
  Superceded By: FIPS 180 -3
FIPS 171Apr 1972Key Management Using ANSI X9.17 *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
  Superceded By: SP 800 57
FIPS 141Apr 1985Interoperability and Security Requirements for Use of the Data Encryption Standard with CCITT Group 3 Facsimile Equipment *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 25, 2000
FIPS 139Aug 1983Interoperability and Security Requirements for Use of the Data Encryption Standard in the Physical Layer of Data Communications *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 25, 2000
FIPS 113May 1985Computer Data Authentication
  Withdrawn: Sep 2008
FIPS 112May 1985Password Usage *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
FIPS 102Sep 1983Guidelines for Computer Security Certification and Accreditation *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
  Superceded By: SP 800 37
FIPS 87Mar 1981Guidelines for ADP Contingency Planning *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
  Superceded By: SP 800-34
FIPS 83Sep 1980Guideline on User Authentication Techniques for Computer Network Access Control *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
FIPS 81Dec 1980DES Modes of Operation *
  Withdrawn: May 19, 2005
FIPS 74Apr 1981Guidelines for Implementing and Using the NBS Data Encryption Standard *
  Withdrawn: May 19, 2005
FIPS 73Jun 1980Guidelines for Security of Computer Applications *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
FIPS 65Aug 1975Guidelines for Automatic Data Processing Risk Analysis *
  Withdrawn: Aug. 25, 1995
  Superceded By: SP 800-30
FIPS 481977Guidelines on Evaluation of Techniques for Automated Personal Identification *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
FIPS 46-3Oct 1999Data Encryption Standard (DES); specifies the use of Triple DES *
  Withdrawn: May 19, 2005
  Archived File
FIPS 41May 1975Computer Security Guidelines for Implementing the Privacy Act of 1974 *
  Withdrawn: Nov. 18, 1998
FIPS 39Feb 1976Glossary for Computer Systems Security *
  Withdrawn: Apr. 29, 1993
  Superceded By: NIST IR 7298
FIPS 31Jun 1974Guidelines for Automatic Data Processing Physical Security and Risk Management *
  Withdrawn: Feb. 8, 2005
  Superceded By: SP 800 30
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