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The Computer Security Division and the Applied Cybersecurity Division at NIST through a partnership with GovDelivery, is pleased to provide a free email subscription service. This service will allow you to receive email notifications about newly released publications (Drafts, FIPS Publications, Special Publications, NIST IRs, and ITL Security Bulletins) and also important CSRC news/announcements, along with Computer Security Division sponsored events when they become available. Each topic mentioned has its separate list.

As a subscriber, you will have control of which topics (lists) you would like to receive emails from. The choice is yours. You have the option to subscribe to ONE topic (list) OR you can choose to join multiple lists under ONE subscription.. Once you become a subscriber, you will automatically be given a user profile which will allow you to subscribe to other topics that we offer OR you can remove your email address from a topic you wish not to receive any more emails, but still remain a subscriber to other topic(s) you selected. If you did not join a specific topic, you will not get an email from that specific topic. (ex. if you did not choose to receive emails from the Computer Security Division Events topic, you will not receive emails regarding Computer Security Division Events).

PLEASE NOTE -- IMPORTANT: If you have a SPAM blocker or created email rules and filters, you need to make sure to add the following 2 email addresses to be allowed to send email to your email address. If you do not allow (add) the following two addresses, then you will not receive any emails from the chosen lists.
(All emails from our topics (lists) comes from this GovDelivery address)
AND also add
(Pat O’Reilly, NIST is the list administrator for all lists/topics)

Once you subscribe to one of the topics from the list provided below, you will receive an email confirmation from GovDelivery, it will show up From: NIST Computer Security Division. This GovDelivery email will provide information on how to use this list and the services we are providing. It will also explain how to use your user profile. The user profile will allow you to take total control of your subscription to our mailing list(s). Once you are in your user profile settings, you will be allowed to:

  • Update your email address,
  • Add (check) / Delete (uncheck) which topics that you would like to belong to from a list of available mailing lists we currently offer,
  • You can password protect your user profile,
  • You can unsubscribe from NIST’s / GovDelivery’s services altogether
  • NEW - additional feature, you have an option to add other NIST topics (lists) to your existing profile (optional) or you can choose not to add other NIST topics to your user profile - note: you will not receive other NIST topics emails if you did not join that topic..

1. To subscribe enter a valid email address (make sure it is typed in correctly) in the text box below. Press Submit Button.

2. You will be taken to the GovDelivery Subscription Email Address Confirmation page. You MUST re-enter your email address again. You have an option to create a password for your personal user profile (optional OR you can do this at a later time in your user profile). If you don't confirm your email address - you have not completed the registration process.

3. Another page will appear from GovDelivery. This page contains a series of checkboxes of all the topics that our division currently offer. Click in the box(es) of all the topics that you wish to join. Then press the Submit button. Note - you can always add / remove from any topics later once you start receiving emails from the list and when you enter your user profile.

4. Within a couple of minutes, you should receive 2 emails from GovDelivery confirming your subscription & a link to your personal user profile. The second email will show you what topics you have joined. If you do NOT receive an email shortly after subscription, it may be that you have (1) entered an incorrect email address (not typed in correctly), (2) you didn't complete the subscribing process. If you continue to have issues subscribing, feel free to email the list administrator (Pat O'Reilly).

5. If you joined a topic and you haven't heard from that topic in a while and you are not sure if you missed any emails from the list, please look to the left menu bar towards the top of this page and you will see a list of when the last email went out to that topic.


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  • Publications
    • Drafts (CSRC Page -- Drafts info.):

      This topic consists of all new draft publications. The drafts documents could be from one of the following types - FIPS PUB, Special Publication and/or NIST IRs. If you would like to receive an email once the publication is final, you need to add any of the 3 other publication topics (FIPS, SP, and NIST IR) or you can sign up for all 3 to your user profile.

    • Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) (CSRC Page -- FIPS PUBS info.) :

      This topic consists of all new FIPS Publications that have been released as a draft or have been approved as final.

    • Special Publications (SPs) (CSRC Page -- SP info.):

      This topic consists of all new Special Publications that have been released as a draft or have been approved as final.

    • NIST Inter/IntraAgency Reports (NIST IRs) (CSRC Page -- NIST IR info.):

      This topic consists of all new NIST IRs that have been released as a draft or have been approved as final

    • ITL Security Bulletins (CSRC Page -- ITL Security Bulletins info.):

      This topic consists of all new NIST / ITL Security Bulletins that are published - they are usually released once a month.

  • CSRC News/Announcements & NIST Cybersecurity Events
    • CSRC Announcements/News (CSRC Page -- News/Announcements info.):

      This topic will provide subscribers any updated news that is made public from the NIST Computer Security Division that has been posted to the CSRC News/Announcement page on our CSRC website.

    • NIST Cybersecurity Sponsored Events (CSRC Page -- Events info.):

      This topic will let subscribers know of any new upcoming NIST Computer Security Division sponsored events.

  • Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Project (CSRC FISMA Project website)
    • FISMA News
    • FISMA Related Publications
  • These lists (below) will come from a different NIST GovDelivery account - they are different from the Computer Security Division in the From: line of email - most will show it is from NIST or The National Institute of Standards and Technology

  • Trusted Identities Group (TIG) (NIST TIG website)
    • Trusted Identities Group (TIG) Information
    • Trusted Identities Group (TIG) blog updates
  • National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE): (NICE website at NIST)
    • NICE eNewsletter
    • NICE Webinars
  • Cybersecurity Framework (NIST Cybersecurity Framework website)
    • Cybersecurity Framework
  • Nation0al Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) (NCCoE website)
    • National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE)
    • NCCoE Consumer/Retail
    • NCCoE Health IT
    • NCCoE Energy
    • NCCoE Financial Services
    • NCCoE Transportation
    • NCCoE Asset Management
    • NCCoE Email Security
    • NCCoE Identity and Access Control
    • NCCoE Geolocation
    • NCCoE Events
    • NCCoE Mobile Device Security
    • NCCoE Internet of Things (IoT)
    • NCCoE Public Safety/First Responders
    • Manufacturing Cybersecurity

We plan to expand the topics / lists in the near future. We will list them here along with adding them to the user profile when they become available.


Questions regarding these lists, how to subscribe, or how to update your user profile should be sent via email to Patrick O’Reilly . Pat is the NIST list administrator for these lists. Please allow 1-2 business days to get back to you. Thank you.