Figure 7 - Sample Tool Output (Tiger - normal mode)

# Performing check of user accounts...
# Checking accounts from /etc/passwd.

--WARN-- [acc001w] Login ID adm is disabled, but still has a valid shell (/bin/sh).

--INFO-- [acc002i] Login ID uucp is disabled, and has a shell of /usr/libexec/uucico.

--WARN-- [acc006w] Login ID smith's home directory (/home/smith) has group 'staff' write access.

--ALERT-- [acc007a] Logon ID jones has a non-zero length .hushlogin

NOTE: If TigerChangeLog is set to the name of an output file, then the following statements will be written to that file (one for each of the #006 and #008 errors listed above):

WARN : chmod : g-w : /home/smith.