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Tom Karygiannis

Computer Scientist

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Computer Security Division
Phone: 301-975-4728
Fax: 301-975-8387
Email: tom.karygiannis@nist.gov


  • RFID Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Privacy Policy Languages
  • Mobile Device Security


  • "Threshold-based Intrusion Detection in Ad Hoc Networks and Secure AODV," Ad Hoc Networks Journal, June 6th, 2007. A. Patwardhan, J. Parker, M. Iorga, A. Joshi, T. Karygiannis, Y. Yesha
  • “Creating Offline MANET IDS Network Traces,” 2nd Workshop in Advanced Experimental Activities on Wireless Networks & Systems (EXPONWIRELESS 2007) in conjunction with IEEE WoWMoM 2007, June 17, 2007, Helsinki, Finland. Karygiannis, A., Robotis, K. and Antonakakis, E.
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  • NIST Special Publication on Wireless Network Security: 802.11, Bluetooth, and Handheld Devices, SP 800-48, October 2002.
  • NIST Information Technology Laboratory Bulletin on Active Content Security, April 2000. Co-authored with Wayne Jansen.
  • "Privilege Management of Mobile Agents," National Information System Security Conference, October 2000. Co-authored with Wayne Jansen.
  • Mobile Agents in Intrusion Detection and Response, Canadian Information Technology Security Symposium, June 2000, Co-authored with P. Mell, W. Jansen and D. Marks.
  • Applying Mobile Agents to Intrusion Detection and Response, National Institute of Standards and Technology Interim Report – 6416, October 1999. Co-authored with Wayne Jansen, Peter Mell, and Don Marks.
  • Mobile Agent Security, NIST Special Publication – 800-19, October 1999. Co-authored with W. Jansen, P. Mell, and D. Marks.
  • "Agents for the Masses: Is It Possible to Make Development of Sophisticated Agents Simple Enough To Be Practical?," IEEE Intelligent Systems, Special Issue on Agents, March/April1999, Co-authored with Jeffrey M. Bradshaw, Mark Greaves, Heather Holmback, Barry Silverman, Niranjan Suri, Alex Wong and Wayne Jansen.
  • Network Security Using Mobile Agents, The Third International Conference and Exhibition on The Practical Application of Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Technology, London, UK, March 23rd-25th, 1998.
  • Mobile Agents and Network Security, International Telecommunications Conference 1998, Halkidiki, Greece, June 22nd –25th, 1998.
  • US Government Traffic Filter Firewall Protection Profile, National Security Agency and National Institute of Standards & Technology Co-authors Mario Tinto, Jandria Alexander, Jack Walsh, Wayne Jansen, December 1997.
  • US Government Application Gateway Filter Firewalls Protection Profile, National Security Agency and National Institute of Standards & Technology, Co-authors Mario Tinto, Jandria Alexander, Jack Walsh, Wayne Jansen, December 1997.
  • Deductive Fault-Diagnosis and BIST for Performing System Level Diagnosis of Multiprocessor Systems, Built-in Self Test/Design for Testability Workshop, Charleston, SC, March 10-12, 1997. Co-authors: A. Friedman and R. Katz.

Book Chapters

  • Chapter on Mobile Agent Security, editor Jeffrey Bradshaw, MIT Press (Forthcoming)
  • Chapter on Wireless Sensor Network Intrusion Detection, editor Javier Lopez, Journal of Computer Security, Cryptology and Information Security Series, 2007.
  • Chapter of RFID Security, RFID Handbook: Application, Technology, Security and Privacy, CRC Press.


  • Bucknell University, BS Electrical Engineering, 1986
  • Bucknell University, MS Electrical Engineering, 1987
  • The George Washington University, PhD Computer Science, 1997


  • Network Security
  • Fault-Tolerant Systems
  • Agent-based Commerce
  • Wireless Security
  • Identity Theft