CSD Rolodex

Sharon Keller

Computer Scientist

National Institute of Standards and Technology
Computer Security Division
Phone: 301-975-2910
Fax: 301-975-4007
Email: sharon.keller@nist.gov


  • Assist in the finalization of X9.42 Public Key Cryptography for The Financial Service Industry:
  • Agreement of Symmetric Keys on Using Diffie-Hellman and MQV Algorithms
  • Develop and implement the ANSI X9.42 Validation System
  • Propose validation tests for ANSI X9.63
  • Demonstrate loading of and use of cryptographic software with Palm Pilot


  • NIST SP 800-17  Modes of Operation Validation System (MOVS):  Requrements and Procedures  February 1998
  • TG-19 Part 1:  Modes of Operation Validation System for the Triple Data Encryption Algorithm (TMOVS):  Requirements and Procedures


  • B.A. Information and Computer Sciences, Mathematics (Double Major), Hood College 1983
  • M.S. Computer and Information Sciences, Hood College 1989