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Physical Security Testing Workshop

This workshop discussed physical security testing of cryptographic modules, related to FIPS 140 and ISO.


Title and Presenter(s) Links
Introduction and Welcome Message from "IPA" and "INSTAC"
   Tsutomu Matsumoto
The Increasing Complexity & Need for Validation
   Paul Kocher
Physical Security 101
   Tom Caddy
[Presentation] [Paper]
Experimental Results of Attacks Against Ciphers Implemented on INSTAC-8 Compliant Board
   Yukiyasu Tsunoo, Toru Hisakado, Etsuko Tsujihara, Tsutomu Matsumoto, Shinichi Kawamura and Kouichi Fujisaki
[Presentation] [Paper]
Design and Validation Strategies for Obtaining Assurance in Countermeasures to Power Analysis & Related Attacks
   Paul Kocher
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SPA and DPA - Possible Testing Solutions and Associated Costs [Powerpoint]by Stan Kladko

Physical Security Protections [Powerpoint]by Mark Shin

Mind the Gap: Updating FIPS 140 [Powerpoint]by Steve Weingart

Studying LSI Tamper Resistance with Respect to Techniques Developed for Failure Analysis [PDF]by Tsutomu Matsumoto, Shigeru Nakajima, Tadashi Shibata and Atsuhiro Yamagishi

Potential Chemical Attacks on Coatings and Tamper Evident Seal Adhesives[Powerpoint]by Carol Cantlon

Fault Induction & Environmental Failure Testing (EFT) [Powerpoint]by Travis Spann

Typical Attack Techniques for Compromising Point of Sale PIN Entry Devices[Powerpoint]by Steven Bowles

Software Hardening & FIPS 140 [Powerpoint]by Eugen Bacic and Gary Maxwell

FIPS 140 Validation for a “System-on-a-Chip” [Powerpoint]by Chris Brych

Cryptographic Module Validation Program - Where security starts … [Powerpoint]by Randall J. Easter

TSRC and Side Channel Security Requirement [Powerpoint]by Shinichi Kawamura

FIPS 140-3 - Status and Schedules [Powerpoint]by Allen Roginksy

FIPS 140-3 Section 5 – Physical Security [Powerpoint]by Randall J. Easter

Selected Presentations
September 28, 2005 Type
Cryptographic Module Validation Program, Where Security Starts
Randall Easter

Ken Lu

FIPS 140-3 Status and Schedules
Allen Roginsky

FIPS 140-3 Section 5 - Physical Security
Randall Easter

Ken Lu


Event Details

Starts: September 26, 2005 - 09:00 AM EST
Ends: September 29, 2005 - 05:00 PM EST

Type: Workshop




Security and Privacy: cryptography, testing & validation,

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