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Practice Based Recommendations for Standardization of Threshold Cryptography

March 12, 2019


Dan Shumow - Microsoft Research


Abstract. This talk will make recommendations for the standardization of Threshold Cryptography (TC) based on experiences of investigating and designing uses of TC in deployed software systems. The talk will present representative examples of TC solutions considered for deployed software systems. In most cases, these solutions were not chosen, and the talk will present an analysis of the reasons for this. Finally, this talk will discuss recommendations for standardization of TC motivated by these lessons learned.

Practice Based Recommendations for Standardization of Threshold Cryptography. Click to watch the video.

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Presented at

NIST Threshold Cryptography Workshop 2019


Presentation (PDF)

Event Details


    NIST, Gaithersburg campus

Related Topics

Security and Privacy: cryptography

Technologies: software & firmware

Created March 12, 2019, Updated June 11, 2021