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DES (1977 - April 1996) Validation List

The list below describes DES implementations which have been validated by NIST using the Monte Carlo test described in NBS Special Publication 500-20. This test was used for validating products from 1977 until April, 1996. Entries in the list are ordered alphabetically by manufacturer. (Note: These are still considered to be valid implementations of the DES, although new tests are currently being used.)

Questions regarding implementations/products on this list should first be directed to the appropriate vendor. However, it is likely that much of the contact information below is out-of-date.

Vendor Implementation Val. Date Description
ADT Security Systems
2560 Huntington Avenue
Fourth Floor
Alexandria, VA 22303

-Hal Marriott
(703) 960-8548
ADT Universal 10/17/90 Chip is an on-board component for Communicator products in the High Security Intrusion Detection System. System has integrated key management capabilities.
Advanced Engineering Concepts, Inc.
1198 Pacific Coast Highway #D-505
Seal Beach, CA 90740

-Mark Olson
(310) 379-1189
MODEM LOCK version 1.0 (firmware) and KEYXL8 version 1.0 (software) (Encryption Only) 5/26/94 MODEM LOCK/KEYXL8 is a firmware/software combination that is intended to be connected between a computer and an external modem; encrypts the modem data stream; works with most computers and most common existing modems; weighs 8oz, small enough for a shirt pocket, runs up to 40 hours on a 9-volt battery, also has an AC adapter.
MODEM LOCK version 1.2 (firmware) and KeyXL8 version 1.2 (software) (Encryption Only) 3/30/95 Same as version 1.0 above; provides throughput of up to 1920 characters per second.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
4115 Freiderich Lane
Mail Stop 135
Austin, TX 78744

-Patrick Soheili
(408) 749-2161
AmZ8068 (also known as Am9518) 1/28/81 One 40-pin DIP package; n-channel Si-gate technology; ECB, CBC and 8-bit CFB modes; separate ports for key input, clear data and enciphered data; concurrent input, output and ciphering activities; external DMA control; interfaces with AmZ8000 CPU bus directly, and with the 2900, 8080, 8085 and 8048 families with minimum throughput greater than 1 Mbytes per second; greater than 1 Mbytes per second.
AM 9568 2/28/84 N-channel silicon gate LSI product containing the circuitry necessary to encrypt and decrypt data; can be used in dedicated controllers, communication concentrators, terminals and peripheral task processors in general processor systems; can be used in CFB, ECB, or CBC operating modes; separate ports for key input, clear data, and enciphered data enhanced security; interface directly to the IAPX86, 88 bus; interfaces with 2900 and 8051 families with minimal external logic.
Algorithmic Research, Ltd.
A Cylink subsidiary
10 Nevatim St., Kiryat Matalon
Petach Tikva, Israel 49561

TEL: +972-3-927 9528
FAX: +972-3-923 0864

-Dr. Tamir Tassa



AR DES - Intel 80x86 (software) 6/23/95 This module provides a very fast implementation of the DES, which can be used by most operating systems that run on Intel 80x86 machines. It is used in the AR family of products, including Diskrete, Crypto3270, CryptoLAN, CryptoCom, CryptoMail, CryptoKit, CryptoServer, and CryptoSafe.
American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T)
6612 E. 75th Street
P.O. Box 1008
Indianapolis, IN 46206

-Ken Zempol
(908) 658-6870
AT&T Smart Card Version 2.11/DES 5/3/91 Card is part of a smart card based Computer Security System (CSS). The card is carried by an authorized user and permits the user to gain access to host computer systems that are protected by the CSS.
AT&T Smart Card Version 3.0/DES (5E1) 7/19/91 This version of the AT&T Smart Card is designed to closely follow developments in the international standards arena in areas of card communicationprotocols, commands and file structures. It is a general purpose smart card that supports multiple applications and uses the DES as a basic part of its operating system.
American Telephone and Telegraph Company
AT&T Guilford Center
I-85 & Mt. Hope Church Road
McLeansville, NC 27420

-B.F. Bailey
(910) 279-3779
AT&T Mark E DES Key Generator, PN ON493049-1X 6/3/92 Not Available
AT&T Mark ET DES Key Generator Part No. AN10014-1
-contact M. Zugay
(910) 279-3779
11/2/92 Not Available
The Analytic Sciences Corporation
700 Boulevard South, Suite 201
Huntsville, AL 35802

-James Moore
(205) 726-6718


DESafe version 1.0 (software) 8/26/94 DESafe is integrated with a commercial Bulletin Board System (BBS) to protect information during transmission to and from the BBS. DESafe permits cleartext file storage on the BBS by performing encryption/decryption "on the fly" during the file transfer. A stand-alone version of DESafe is employed by BBS users to decrypt (encrypt) downloaded (uploaded) files.
Whippany Road
Whippany, N.J. 07981

-William Oeschger
(201) 898-1198
AT&T T7000A Digital Encryption Processor 4/22/86 Manufactured using CMOS technology; 40-pin DIP; encryption modes include ECB, CBC, CFB, and OFB; throughput 1.882 Mbytes/second on-chip RAM and ROM program memory.
AT&T Bell Laboratories
25 Lindsley Drive
Room 2B-309
Morristown, N.J. 07960

-William Oeschger
(201) 898-1198
DEP229ER (WE229ER) 9/6/83 3.5 micron NMOS technology; 40-pin DIP; encryption modes - ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB1, CFB8, CFB64; throughput rate of 117K ciphering operation/second.
AT&T Smart Card
-Richard Flynn
Lucent Technologies, Inc.
(317) 845-6464
AT&T Smart Card Version 4.0/DES (firmware) 9/26/95 Version 4.0/DES is designed to closely follow developments in the international standards arena in the areas of card communication protocols, card commands, and card file structure; general purpose smart card that supports multiple applications and uses DES as a basic part of its operating system.
Arkansas Systems Inc.
8901 Kanis Road
Little Rock, AR 72205-6498

-David H. Bishop
(501) 227-8471
DES-MATE 7/6/89 Provides data encryption for messages sent and received on-line between an ATM/EFT Network switch processor and an IBM host participant in that network. DES key management is automatic and under system control.
Bokler Software Corporation
P.O. Box 261
Huntsville, AL 35804

-Duane Violett
TEL: (205) 539-9901
FAX: (205) 882-7401

DEScipher/VBX 1.1 (software) 8/17/95 A modular, re-usable DES implementation packaged as a Visual Basic control (VBX); can be use in Visual Basic or C++ applications; supports all 4 DES modes, all VB data types, and multiple instantiation.
Burroughs Corporation
Federal and Special Systems Group
P.O. Box 517
Paoli, PA 19301

(215) 648-2556
PN 2664-9723 3/16/78 Not Available
Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.
199 Water Street 12th Floor
New York, New York 10081
Chase Encryption Device 1 7/24/84 Not Available
Collins Telecommunications
Collins Defense Communications
350 Collins Road, NE
Mail Stop 120-105
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52498

-Jim Perkins
(319) 395-5773
765-5914-001 10/15/77 pMOS chip with 40 sec algorithm execution time; chip has approximately a 50 nsec state change; can perform I/O functions while the chip is in operation; part of network stand-alone encryptor.
Voice Privacy Device VP430 10/6/81 Embedded encryption device for commercial hand-held communications devices.
Cottonwood Software
3448 Orange Street
Los Alamos, NM 87544

-Jeffrey Saltzman
(505) 661-6701
Cottonwood Software DES Class Library v. 1.05 (software) 8/26/94 Cottonwood Software DES Class Library v. 1.05 is available for license and is the basis of "Data Encryption Standard for Windows" (DES4WIN). DES4WIN offers an efficient, easy to use interface for the Data Encryption Standard within a Windows environment; portable format, clipboard or file encryption/decryption, and complete file erasure.
Cylink Corporation
3131 Jay St
P.O. Box 54952
Santa Clara, CA 95056-0952

TEL: (408) 855-6000
FAX: (408) 855-6100

- Mark Liedstrand


CY1045 (originally validated as CYDES45M) 1/28/87 Chip implementing all single DES operations up to 45 Mbits/sec. Supports all modes: ECB, CBC, CFB (1,8,64) and OFB. Flexible data interfaces with both parallel and serial (synchronous and asynchronous) modes. Standard microprocessor interface with 8-bit data bus for programming or parallel I/O. Available in a 40-pin DIP package. Used in: CIDEC-VHS/HSSI, CIDEC-LS, CIDEC-MS, CIDEC-LSI/LSS, LSA, SECUREX25H/L.
Cylink Faxdes 7/1/87 No Longer Available
DES52M (12035-001) 6/3/92 Chip implementing single DES operations up to 52 Mbits/sec. Supports only 64-bit OFB. Serial interfaces for both input and output data. Serial loading of key and IV. Available in a 28-pin DIP package. Used in: CIDEC-VHS, CIDEC-VHX/HSSI.
DES2M1CFB (12422-001) 8/27/92 Chip implementing Single and Triple DES operations up to 2.048 Mbits/sec. Supports 1 bit CFB and ECB. Single DES with one key, Triple DES with one to three keys. Two DES blocks can be powered-down in single DES as to reduce power dissipation. Flexible data interfaces with both serial and parallel (standard microprocessor interface with 8-bit data bus) for programming or data I/O supported. Available in a 68-pin PLCC package. Used in: CIDEC-HSI.
Data Critical Corporation
100 N. Broadway, Suite 2200
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

-David Albert
(405) 236-4441
DCCDES.LIB for DOS/WINDOWS (software) 1/18/95 The DCCDES.LIB modules for DOS/WINDOWS and OS/2 are both used in the Secure Page+ product line. Secure Page+ provides secure, reliable data transmission over existing paging networks; features Image-APB for Secure Broadcast of Images (Mug Shots, Missing Children, etc); provides the capability to send virtually any type of data to a hand-held, car-mounted or desktop computers over existing paging networks.
DCCDES.LIB for OS/2 (software) 1/18/95 Same as DCCDES.LIB for DOS/Windows
Datakey, Inc.
407 West Travelers Trail
Burnsville, MN 55337-9990

-Michael Carenzo
(612) 890-6850
H8-310 ASACS Smart Card 7/2/92 ASACS is an advanced smart card access control system designed jointly by Datakey, Inc. and the Security Technology Group at NIST. The ASACS hardware consists of a credit-card sized smart card with an embedded Hitachi H8/310 microprocessor and a reader/writer interface which provides an RS-232 serial connection to a host computer. The smart card functions are implemented in firmware which is stored in the memory of the card's microprocessor.
Digitize, Inc.
158 Edison Road
Lake Hopatcong, NJ 07849

-Linda Brecher, VP
(973)663-1011 (phone)
(973)663-4333 (fax)
-Abraham Brecher, Pres.
(973)663-1011 (phone)
(973)663-4333 (fax)
DESPLEX 2/2/89 Used in a CFB configuration as part of a firmware operating system for processing and transmission of alarm sensor data as well as receiving and annuciating data in an alarm monitoring facility.
Docutel/Olivetti Corporation
106 Decker Court
Suite 300
Irving, Texas 75062

-Division of International Marketing
(214) 550-5400
Docutel Nordisk Sparadata Cash Dispensing Terminal 6/20/82 Firmware implementation of DES in ROM for 106 PIN/communications security.
The Exchange
15395 SE 30th Place
Bellevue, WA 98007

-Patricia Lenti-Crane
(206) 644-7000
EXCRYPT DEB-64-KM (originally EXCLUDE DEB-64-KM) 1/26/89 Encrypts and decrypts data; generates random keys; supports up to six security processor boards that can be run in parallel to enhance throughput; has storage capacity for up to 4000 DES keys; developed for secure financial transactions.
Fairchild Semiconductor
2000 Century Plaza
Columbia, MD 21044

-Sales Department
(301) 730-1510
9414 Chip Set 12/20/78 Bit-slice chip set mounted on a 9414 board with edge or ELCO connector; 4 chip set with 40 pins each; 2 bits of each byte are distributed to each chip; single 5V power supply; separate data inputs and outputs; ECB, CFB, and CBC modes of operation.
Front Line Software
214 Jaro Street N.E.
Palm Bay, FL 32907

-William Graham
(407) 951-2523
726-8064 PROM Device 12/1/86 4 K EPROM to be used with Intel IPAX family of microprocessors including all models of the IBM PC family; all modes of DES supported.
GEC-Marconi Limited Ltd.
Brown's Lane, The Airport
Portsmouth, Hampshire
PO3 5PH England

-Roger Madden
Cycomm Corporation
(703) 352-4741
DM800 (Encryption Only) 3/1/93 The DM800 is a module that can be added to an ordinary analogue radio in order to provide communication security by digital encryption.
656 Quince Orchard Road
Suite 610
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

-Gilles Lisimaque
(301) 990-8800
MCOS16K EEPROM/DES 3/18/91 A multi-application smart card which complies with the ISO standard 7816 (parts 1,2, and 3) for Integrated Circuit cards with contacts.
Glenco Engineering, Inc.
270 Lexington Drive
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-6930

-D. Wade Clark
(708) 808-0300
Glen-DES PN GL306051 5/8/92 The Glen-DES is a compact 20 pin design, using low power CMOS technology, operating at 3s using a 16 MHz clock. The DES chip features nonvolatile internal memory, an external key and a combined key. It is available with a simple CPU interface and it supports both PCMCIA and DOS printer port implementations.
Global Technologies Group, Inc.
(assumed the SuperCrypt and CryptCard from Computer Elektronik Infosys of America, Inc.)
222 N. Oakland Street
Arlington, VA 22203

-George Allen
(703) 528-6326
SuperCrypt (validation certificate for GTG issued on 3/13/97) 7/24/91 Chip designed for high speed (12 Megabytes/sec data rates) encryption and decryption. ECB, CBC, CFB and OFB modes of DES supported as well as MAC generation. Available as a 144 Pin Flat Pack.
CryptCard (validation certificate for GTG issued on 3/13/97) 1/12/93 CryptCard is an access control and DES encryption adapter for notebook PCs that have a PCMCIA slot.
GTE Sylvania
77 "A" Street
Needham Heights, MA 02194

-Harold Manley
(617) 449-2000
Mark IV Firmware DES 2/27/79 Uses AMD-2901, 4-bit slice, bipolar uP.
IBM Corporation
Federal Systems Division WK4/988
P.O. Box 100
Kingston, NY 12401

-Robert Elander
(914) 385-6692
4402182 11/1/77 This card used in terminal equipment; the chip uses technology with PLA control to implement CBC.
P/N 8270094 using DES Chip P/N 5898057 (originally 8269206) 8/25/78 This card is used in 3845 and 3846 equipment for 8-bit CFB.
Two TTL cards - 8632242 and 8679176 9/21/79 Will operate at least at the 1.5 Mbytes 360 channel rate; card set is used in the 3848 cryptographic unit; uses "Emerald-5" technology.
IBM Corporation Branch Delivery Systems
8501 IBM Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262-8563

-Todd Arnold
(704) 594-8253
4754 Security Interface Unit and the Personal Security Card 10/10/90 Devices are used in a transaction security system to protect the privacy and integrity of data using a common cryptographic interface. The security interface unit communicates with the Personal Security Card and the cryptographic adaptor, if present. The Personal Security Card is an integrated-circuit chip card that contains a single chip security processor.
IBM BDS Portable-C DES, version 1.0 (software) 7/1/94 Portable C-language implementation of DES, used in products developed by IBM Branch Delivery Systems.
IBM Corporation
P.O. Box 950
Poughkeepsie, NY 12602

-Robert Granell
(914) 435-5751
IBM ES/9000 Integrated Crypto-graphic Feature 2/26/93 The Integrated Cryptographic Feature is available for inclusion on the IBM ES/9000 processors in support of IBM's cryptographic architecture.
Information Security Corporation
1141 Lake Cook Rd., Suite D
Deerfield, IL 60015

-Michael Markowitz
(708) 405-0500
DES module/Intel, version 3.0 (software) 8/9/94 An extremely high speed module implemented in 386 assembly language. Used in SecretAgent for DOS, Windows and UNIX System V/386. Available as an object module library or DLL, or as one component of the AT&T Surity Cryptographic Development Kits on those platforms.
DES module/68K, version 3.0 (software) 8/9/94 An extremely high speed module implemented in 68020 assembly language. Used in SecretAgent for Macintosh. Available as an object module library for MPW or Think C, or as one component of the AT&T Surity Cryptographic Development Kits for Macintosh.
DES module/C, version 2.0 (software) 8/16/94 A portable DES module implemented in C/C++. Used in SecretAgent for UNIX (except on Intel platforms). Available as an object module library, or as one component of the AT&T Surity Cryptographic Development Kits for Sun, DEC, HP and other UNIX platforms.
1900 Praire City Road
Folsom, CA 95630

-Joe Dragony
(916) 351-5250
8294 1/3/78 Algorithm is microcode which is burned into a 1 Kbyte ROM on a 5 volt, 40-pin chip driven by a 8042 microprocessor.
8294A 6/20/82 Same as the 8294 except for a maximum data transfer rate of 400 bytes per second.
John E. Holt & Associates
2714 Key Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201

-John Holt
(703) 524-2923
Krypton Firmware 2/12/86 ROM chips for the standard IBM PC family include eight 3722 chips, four 2764 chips and one 27256 chip; 1024-bit CBC chaining; encryption speed dependent on clock of PC; ROM can plug directly into ROM slot.
Jones Futurex
3715 Atherton Road
Rocklin, CA 95765

-Steve DeRosa
(916) 632-3456
SAFE 300 8/12/93 The SAFE 300 is a stand-alone fax encryptor that provides both public network security and office privacy with automatic fax encryption, confidential fax mailbox, and misdial protection.
ICOT Corporation
3801 Zanker Road
P.O. Box 5143
San Jose, CA 95150-5143

-Bob Lynch
(408) 433-3300
LEX-POS (Model 600) 11/28/84 A Personal Identification Number (PIN) entry device; used in conjunction with financial transaction devices, 16 key keyboard, 20 character display, RS-232 compatible; Lexicon sold LEX-POS to ICOT Corporation.
Logimens Inc.
759 Victoria Square
Suite 310
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2J7

-Normand Delisle
(514) 288-5665
DESDLL.DLL 2.0 E/D Engine (software) 7/25/94 DESDLL.DLL is the software cryptoengine for WinDES 2.0; WinDES provides easy to use encryption/decryption as well as other file protection features for pc-compatible systems running under MS Windows; supports drag & drop capabilities, file compression, Defense-related secure file deletion, etc.
PcDES 2.0 (software) 7/25/94 PcDES 2.0 (software) provides easy to use data encryption/decryption (manual and batch modes) as well as other file protection features for pc-compatible systems running under DOS; supports Defense-related secure file deletion, etc.
Logix, Inc.
100 Ford Road
Denville, NJ 07834

-Evan Sohn
(201) 586-9666
Logix Encryption Device (hardware) 10/17/95 Microcontroller with ROM and RAM that is used in the LX3000 PC Encryption Device and LX3100 Telephone Encryption Device; each consists of a keypad and magnetic card reader; LX3000 attaches between a keyboard and PC; LX3100 attaches between telephone and wall jack.
LSI Logic/Dataco AS
Smedeholm 12-14
DK-2730 Herlev

-Jens Kjelsbak
45 44 53 01 00
Dataco L5A4043 2030025402 1/12/90 Custom DES IC was manufactured by LSI Logic for Dataco. The DES chip is designed for optional use in ScaNet local area network products.
M/A-COM, Inc.
221 Jefferson Ridge Parkway
Lynchburg, VA 24501

-MRK - John Casler

-Orion - Stefan Backstrom
TEL: (434) 455-6600
FAX: (434) 455-6851
ADI DES revision 1.0 (software) 4/22/94 Software implementation of DES in OFB mode; Provides digital voice encryption for communications between mobile radios, portable radios, and dispatch control consoles in an EDACS Land Mobile Radio Communications System.
M/A-COM, Inc.
221 Jefferson Ridge Parkway
Lynchburg, VA 24501

-Bruno Yurman
TEL: (434) 455-6600
FAX: (434) 455-6851
Part Number 19B801375 6/28/85 The GE DES IC is a microprocessor controlled, low speed asynchronous CMOS IC using DES. Intended to provide secure voice in commercial grade mobile radio applications.
Matsushita Electronic Components Co.
High Frequency Products Division
One Panasonic Way
Secaucus, NJ 07094

-Dursun Sakarya
(201) 348-7767
EBC 1642 IC Card 3/13/91 Card is designed to be a high security external storage media housing an 8 bit CPU and 64 Kbit EEPROM.
Micro Card Technologies, Inc.
14070 Proton Road
Dallas, TX 75244

-Jeff Lang
(214) 788-4055
Micro Card TB100 Integrated Circuit Card 9/19/90 A multi-application integrated circuit card which can simultaneously support several application data files. Ciphering and deciphering functions may be used to encrypt or decrypt external messages using DES.
Morse Security Group, Inc.
12960 Bradley Avenue
Sylmar, CA 91342-0128

-Nalin Chheda
(800) 423-5669; (818) 367-5951
TRAP 5200 System 4/17/90 Touch response alarm processor system, including a receiver processor located in a data gathering center and a series of transponders located at remote locations, contains DES to produce encrypted data that flows along a communication path.
Microprocessor Products Division
6501 William Cannon Drive West
Austin, TX 78735-8598

-Don Ponder
(512) 440-2956
MC6859 (originally MGD68NE) 2/11/80 Si-gate depletion mode, nMOS 24-pin DIP using single 5 volt power supply; implements ECB and CFB.
Motorola, Inc.
1309 East Algonquin Road
Schaumburg, IL 60196

-James Osborn
(312) 576-2251
T5W-2 11/12/81 Special purpose for internal use only.
DES21X81V2.2 (firmware)
-contact Kelly Marquardt
(708) 576-3610
2/9/95 Implementation uses the PIC16C57 microcontroller from Microchip; operates in ECB, 64-bit CBC, and 64-bit OFB modes; this product will be used in secure radio systems to augment existing secure communications capabilities in Motorola Land Mobile Product Sector.
Newnet S.A.
Alsina 430
Buenos Aires 1087

-Daniel Ramos
54 1 334 9732
Data Security Device (DSD 9612) 7/2/91 This device is based on an eight bit INTEL microprocessor with 8 Kbytes of EPROM. Transfer data at speeds of 1200 to 9600 bps and communicates with other devices via EIA RS-232-C ports.
Nixdorf Computer Corporation
168 Middlesex Turnpike
Burlington, MA 01803

-Kevin Madden
(617) 890-3600
VEM Module 1/7/80 The plug-in module is used with the Nixdorf 8864 CPU for encrypting data transmission blocks and file protection; may be used in terminal applications in the financial community; uses TTL.
Northern Telecom
3705 35th St. NE
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 6C2
BNR 64-bit Cipher Feedback Mode Module, version 1.0 (firmware)
-Paul Proven├žal
Bell Northern Research
(613) 763-8014
7/19/94 The validated firmware is used in the PowerTouch 350 (Vista 350), an advanced screen telephone that connects to standard analog phone lines. PowerTouch 350 has an 8 line by 21 character display and supports the Bellcore ADSI protocol; uses the DES in 64-bit CFB mode to provide data encryption targeted for banking applications.
Entrust DES 32-2/64K Software Module, Version 1.1 (software)
-Carolyn Jarvis
Entrust Technologies, Ltd.
(613) 765-5607
9/13/94 DES 32-2/64K is used in the Entrust family of cryptographic products. Entrust provides encryption and digital signature services enterprise-wide, with fully automated key management that scales from small workgroups to 100,000+ users. Entrust is supported across platforms such as Windows, UNIX, Macintosh and mainframes.
Racal Security & Payments
(validated under the Racal-Guardata Inc. name)
1601 N. Harrison Parkway
Suite A100
Sunrise, FL 33323

-Cindy Provin
(954) 846-5103
(888) 744-4976
Datacryptor 1/7/80 Stand alone equipment with public key management remote distribution of master keys.
Research In Motion
180 Columbia Street West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3L3

-Herb Little
(519) 888-7465
Research In Motion DES Library, version 1.0 (software) 12/16/94 RIM DES Library is a software module DES implementation; it's intended to be used in a variety of wireless communication products such as portable terminals, point of sale equipment, and gateways to ensure privacy of user data.
Rothenbuhler Engineering
P.O. Box 708
2191 Rhodes Road
Sedro Woolley, WA 98284-0708

-Andrew Benson
(206) 856-0836
CLS Series 5200 Encryption Module 3/19/91 The CLS Series 5200 Encryption Module is used in a system which communicates 8 channels of electronic security information between a client and a central monitoring facility.
Secure Computing Corporation
2675 Long Lake Road
Roseville, MN 55113

-Ron Bohn
(612) 628-2725
sctc_des.c, version 1.7 (software) 4/22/94 Software implementation of DES that is used in LOCKout products; LOCKout uses DES-based challenge-response to provide protection for networks, support remote user dial-in authentication, and provide Internet Firewall protection for host computers.
Texas Instruments, Inc.
P.O. Box 1443, M/S 736
Houston, TX 77001

-Mike Polen
(713) 274-3635
TMS 99541 2/28/82 Preprogrammed TMS7020 8-bit single chip microprocessor; 40-pin DIP plastic package I/O pins are TTL compatible; master and active key registers.
TimeStep Corporation
359 Terry Fox Drive
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2E7

-Tony Rosati
(613) 599-3600
TS95C40 12/16/94 32Mbps DES engine - operates in ECB, CBC, 1-bit and 8-bit CFB modes; 32KB of EEPROM, random bit generator, time-of-day logic; implemented in the PERMIT 1010, a 28-pin, fully encapsulated hybrid device that plugs into boot ROM socket of PC LAN Adapters; enabling technology for network layer encryption, access control, and file integrity applications.
Transcrypt International, Inc.
4800 NW First Street
Lincoln, NE 68521

-Jim Gilley
(402) 474-4800
Transcrypt DES Subroutine & Key Schedule v 1.00 (software) 11/14/94 Transcrypt DES Subroutine is used in Transcrypt's DME 9600 Dual Mode Encryptor, which connects between the handset and base of a landline telephone, and provides analog scrambling or digital encryption of the conversation. Backwards compatible with Transcrypt's analog cellular and landline voice privacy products.
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation
(formerly Newbridge Microsystems)
603 March Road
Kanata, Ontario K2K 2M5

-DES Product Manager
(613) 592-0714
CA95C (validation certificate for Tundra Semiconductor Corporation issued on 11/19/96) 9/8/93 The CA95C Data Ciphering Processor implements the DES using the ECB, CFB, or CBC modes of operation. The CA95C provides a high throughput rate up to 11 Mbytes/second. Separate ports for key input, clear data and enciphered data are available.
CA20C03A (validation certificate for Tundra Semiconductor Corporation issued on 11/19/96) 4/10/91 A high performance WD20C03A compatible DES data encryption processor with data transfer rates up to 4 MBytes per second. Supports electronic code book and cipher block chaining modes of operation. Battery backup capability of internal key register. PLCC and PDIP packaging available.
P.O. Box 3942
St. Paul, MN 55165

-Jim Nelson
(612) 631-6728
End-End/Mass Storage Encryptor 1/29/80 Prototype device for testing purposes only.
Virtual Open Network Environment Corp. (V-ONE)
20250 Century Blvd.
Suite 300
Germantown, MD 20874

- Tim Armstrong
(301) 515-5200

V-ONE DES Module (software) 7/25/94 Smart card system for PC security, file encryption and decryption, user authentication, secure remote system logon, personal identification, and multilevel system access.
VLSI Technology, Inc.
8375 S. River Parkway
Tempe, AZ 85284

-Ray Slusarczyk
(602) 752-8574
VM007 - Data Encryption Processor 1/6/92 The VM007 Data Encryption Processor is a programmable integrated circuit that provides a complete cryptographic system on a single chip; contains a hardware implementation of the DES, RISC-based sequencer, data storage registers, and ROM-based microprogram. Designed to provide very high data and key processing rates (up to 190 Mbits/sec), flexible I/O interfacing, advanced security features, and supports all DES modes of operation; manufactured using 1.0 micron CMOS technology; available in a 84-pin leaded ceramic chip carrier.
VM009 Data Encryption Processor 1/11/93 The VM009 Data Encryption Processor is a programmable integrated circuit that provides a complete cryptographic system on a single chip. Contains a hardware implementation of the DES, and data storage registers. Designed to provide very high data and key processing rates (up to 100 Mbits/sec), flexible I/O interfacing, advanced security features, and supports all DES modes of operation; manufactured using 1.0 micron CMOS technology; available in a 40 lead plastic DIP and 44 lead plastic leaded chip carrier.
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9/22/95 Supports ECB and CBC modes; supports clock rates up to 33MHz; key cache consists of four 56-bit registers for high speed cryptographic context switching; digital non-deterministic randomizer for IV and key generation.
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Shades DES, version 1.0 (software) 1/20/95 Used in Shades products to provide a source of pseudo-random numbers for two purposes. The pseudo-random numbers may be used to 1) encode a plaintext message or ciphertext, and 2) generate substitution or permutation tables for the numerical codings of plaintext characters.
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WP PN 5286/WP PN 5287 5/26/89 The monitor panels are intended for use in a monitoring station of a proprietary intrusion detection alarm system.
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WD-2001/WD2002 8/9/79 Uses Si-gate nMOS, TTL compatible; ECB speeds of up to 40 Kbytes/second, 161 Kbytes/second and 242 Kbytes/second.
WD20C03 DES Device 5/19/87 Uses Si-gate CMOS, TTL compatible; ECB and CBC, speeds of up to 403 Kbytes/second, 645 Kbytes/second and 807 Kbytes/second in ECB.