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Post-Quantum Cryptography

Cover Page (PQC)

Call for Proposals

The cover sheet of a submission package shall contain the following information:

  • Name of the proposed cryptosystem.
  • Principal submitter’s name, e-mail address, telephone, organization, and postal address.
  • Name(s) of auxiliary submitter(s).
  • Name of the inventor(s)/ developer(s) of the cryptosystem.
  • Name of the owner, if any, of the cryptosystem (normally expected to be the same as the submitter).
  • Signature of the submitter.
  • (optional) Backup point of contact (with telephone, fax, postal address, and e-mail address).


PQC Crypto Technical Inquiries

Dr. Lily Chen

Dr. Dustin Moody

Dr. Yi-Kai Liu


Security and Privacy: post-quantum cryptography

Created January 03, 2017, Updated June 19, 2018