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Security Aspects of Electronic Voting


The following NIST-authored publications are directly related to this project.

Series & Number Title Status Released
NISTIR 7711 Security Best Practices for the Electronic Transmission of Election Materials for UOCAVA Voters Final 09/15/2011
NISTIR 7770 Security Considerations for Remote Electronic UOCAVA Voting Final 02/21/2011
Book Section Attacking Paper-Based E2E Voting Systems Final 02/01/2010
Conference Paper Desirable Properties of Voting Systems Final 09/25/2009
NISTIR 7551 A Threat Analysis on UOCAVA Voting Systems Final 12/19/2008
Encyclopedia Entry Electronic Voting Final 10/07/2008


Gema Howell


Applications: voting

Laws and Regulations: Help America Vote Act

Created January 31, 2017, Updated December 23, 2022