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Showcase one or all of the following awareness, training, and/or education items you use as a part of your Security program. Please do not use this contest as a project assignment for a class. There will be one winner selected for each category listed below.


  1. Awareness Poster.
  2. Motivational Item – can be anything that doesn’t fit other categories. 
  3. Awareness Website
  4. Awareness Newsletter
  5. Awareness Video - please limit to 5 min or less
  6. Cybersecurity Blog
  7. Cybersecurity Podcast
  8. Technical Training Scenario or Exercise – Note that this category is for training and should NOT include awareness-level content.

We will spotlight the winners with the FISSEA community! We also plan to share ALL entries with the FISSEA community. Below are the rules for the contest:

Rules and Guidelines:

This contest includes six categories from FISSEA’s key areas of Awareness and Training. Each category of the competition will be judged separately. A winner will be selected from each category and awarded a certificate at the annual FISSEA conference.


a.  Only one entry for each category may be submitted (1 poster, 1 motivational item, 1 website, 1 newsletter, 1 video, 1 blog, 1 podcast, and/or 1 interactive training scenario/exercise). However, an individual or organization may enter in all eight categories.

b.The entries must be submitted by a FISSEA member prior to the deadline.

c. Entries must have a security theme and be part of the organization's current security awareness and training programs. All entries must be original and wholly unclassified.

d. A Contest Entry Form must accompany all entries and is available on the FISSEA website. Each submission automatically agrees to allow FISSEA to publish.

e. Entries are to be submitted in PDF or PowerPoint file formats only (click here to see how past winners explained the interactive and multimedia portions of their entries within the slides). A maximum of 10 pages or slides should be e-mailed with the entry form to: The 10 page/slide maximum should be a representative selection of your exercise/course. An exception: if your video or website (or blog) is accessible to the public and a link to the content can be provided, you may provide a link in your application form in lieu of a PDF or PowerPoint file. Podcasts can be send in the MP4 format.

We ask that you use PDF or PowerPoint so that:

1) All entries arrive in the same format.
2) It is easier for the judges to receive and open all files.
3) It is easier to create the award presentation for the conference.

f. Any item not adhering to the rules and entry guidelines will be ineligible. The decision of the contest supervisor is final.


a. A committee of at least three FISSEA members will judge the contest. None of them will be affiliated with any teams that submit entries. They will work in various fields (Government, Academia, and Industry). The judges will evaluate each category on the basis of originality, security message, and creativity.

b. The winners in each category will be announced at the FISSEA Conference. A certificate signed by the FISSEA Chairperson will be awarded to each winner. 

Looking forward to seeing your entries!
Gretchen A. Morris, Contest Coordinator

Created May 24, 2016, Updated October 19, 2020