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Federal Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Forum

Meet the Forum Team

The NIST Cybersecurity & Privacy Professionals Forum is co-chaired by representatives of NIST's Information Technology Laboratory, Computer Security Division (CSD) and Applied Cybersecurity Division (ACD). The Forum Secretariat provides the necessary administrative and logistical support for operations.  
The Forum serves as an important mechanism for NIST to:

  • exchange information directly with cybersecurity and privacy professionals in U.S. federal, state, and local government, and higher education organizations in fulfillment of its leadership mandate under the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA);
  • establish and maintain relationships with the professionals and organizations actively addressing cybersecurity and privacy issues; and 
  • establish and maintain a proactive stance identifying and resolving strategic and tactical cybersecurity and privacy issues involved in the development and application of new and emerging information technologies.

The Federal Cybersecurity & Privacy Professionals Forum Team                                                                                                                                             

Meet the Team: Claire Barrett             

Claire Barrett  serves as Co-chair of the Federal Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Forum. Claire is the Deputy Chief Information Officer in the Office of Information Systems Management (OISM) at NIST.


For more about Claire, see her Staff Profile Page.

To contact Claire, please email: claire.barrett@nist.gov

Meet the Team: Pillitteri             

Kate Schroeder serves as Co-chair of the Federal Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Forum. Kate is an I.T. Specialist in the Cybersecurity Risk Analytics project in the Computer Security Division at NIST.


For more about Kate, see her Staff Profile Page.

To contact Kate, please email: katherine.schroeder@nist.gov

Meet the Team: Brewer             

Jeff Brewer serves as the Federal Cybersecurity and Privacy Professionals Forum Secretariat. Jeff is a Program Analyst in the Security Engineering and Risk Management Group in the Computer Security Division.


For more about Jeff, see his Staff Profile Page.

To contact Jeff, please email: jeffrey.brewer@nist.gov     

Created May 24, 2016, Updated August 07, 2023