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  • August 26, 2016 
    The Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB) Welcomes New Member Patricia Hatter, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Intel Security Group, Intel
    August 30, 2016 
    See NIST's Public Affairs press release to read this announcement. 
  • March 2016 --
    Dr. Peter Weinberger and Matt Scholl
    (Click Image to View Larger Photo)
    Dr. Peter Weinberger was presented a certificate of appreciation from Matt Scholl, Division Chief, Computer Security Division, ITL, NIST. Dr. Weinberger was appointed as a member of ISPAB in 2008, and assumed the role and responsibilities of the Chair, ISPAB, two years ago.
  • Dr. Kevin Fu receives a certificate for his service for ISPAB from Chuck Romine, NIST's ITL Director. 
    On October 23, 2015, Dr. Charles Romine, Director, NIST's Information Technology Laboratory, presenting a certificate to Dr. Kevin Fu in recognition of his service (.jpg image) as a dedicated member of the ISPAB. This was being Dr. Fu's last meeting as ISPAB member. 
  • February 2015 – 
    Winner of 2015 Federal 100

Congratulations to J. Daniel Toler!!  Mr. Toler was appointed a member of ISPAB by NIST Director in December 2014.

  • October 2014: David Cullinane joined ISPAB as a new member at meeting (.jpg image) in October 2014. 
    Ed Roback, Annie Sokol, Greg Garcia, Gale Stone, Peter Weinberger, Matt Thomlinson (Chair), David Cullinane (New Member of the Board), Chris Boyer, Matt Scholl, Kevin Fu, John Centafont, and Toby Levin. 
  • October 2014: Matt Thomlinson, Chair, left the Board at ISPAB meeting, October 2014. On the last day of meeting, October 24, 2014, Matt Scholl, Acting Chief, Computer Security Division, ITL, NIST, recognized the Chair's leadership and expressed the Board's appreciation for his service (.jpg image). 
  • October 2014: The attached picture was taken during ISPAB meeting this week. In this picture (.jpg image), a panel (on extreme left, Tom Karygiannis, NIST, Troy Lange, NSA, Mike Cassidy, US Department of Justice, and Gregory Youst, DHS) discussed Mobile Devices and Protection of Sensitive Information with ISPAB members (center through right, Matt Thomlinson, Chair, on extreme right of picture) 
  • July 2014: The Board signed the attached card for NIST Director Dr. Gallagher (.jpg image), in recognition of his leadership. 
    Top right picture is ISPAB taken in 2008 which includes (Front from left) Ari Schwartz, Alex Popowycz, Rebecca Leng, Brian Gouker, Lynn McNulty, Pauline Bowen, (Back from right) Fred Schneider, Dan Chenok (Chair, ISPAB), Lisa Schlosser, Howard Schmidt, Joe Guirreri, Peter Weinberger, and Jaren Doherty. 
    Bottom picture taken in 2012 when ISPAB met at NIST (from Right to Left) Dan Chenok (Chair, ISPAB), Dr. Charles Romine (ITL Director), Dr. Peter Weinberger, Dr. Gallagher (NIST Director), Dr. Phyllis Schneck, Greg Garcia, Ed Roback, Toby Levin, Dr. Kevin Fu, Chris Boyer, and Annie Sokol (DFO ISPAB) 
    Top left picture was taken in 2013 (from Right to Left) Gale Stone, Matt Scholl (Deputy Chief, Computer Security Division, NIST, Toby Levin, John Centafont, Dr. Peter Weinberger, Matt Thomlinson (Chair, ISPAB), Greg Garcia, Ed Roback, Annie Sokol, Chris Boyer, and Tatiana Laszczak 
  • June 2014
    FSSCC Welcomes Greg Garcia as Executive Director
  • February 2014
    Winners of 2014 Federal 100
  • Congratulations Matt Scholl is ISPAB's Secretariat
  • Congratulations to Matt Thomlinson, Chair, ISPAB


  • December 2013
    ISPAB Board Members 2013
    Welcome to the new Board member, John Centafont, NSA.
    From Left to Right: Tatiana Laszczak, Chris Boyer, Annie Sokol, Ed Roback, Greg Garcia, Matt Thomlinson (Chair), Peter Weinberger, John Centafont, Toby Levin, Matt Scholl, Gale Stone.

    EO and Cybersecurity Framework Discussion - December 2013
    This picture was taken during the discussion on EO and Cybersecurity Framework, December 19, 2013, at the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center.
    From Left to Right: Adam Sedgewick (NIST) , Kevin Stine (NIST), Matt Scholl (NIST), Lisa Carnahan (NIST), and John Centafont, NSA (Board Member)

    Mr. Brian Gouker

    The Chair presenting a certificate of recognition to Mr. Brian Gouker - In recognition of his dedicated service as an Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board member from 2007 – 2013.



·  February 13, 2012
 ISPAB meeting at the US Access Board, February 13, 2013
ISPAB meeting at the US Access Board, February 13, 2013.

October 26, 2011

Dan Chenok (Chair, ISPAB) presents a bouquet to Cita Furlani (ITL Director, NIST) for her contribution and leadership.
Dan Chenok (Chair, ISPAB) presented a bouquet to Cita M. Furlani, Director, Information Technology Laboratory, NIST, in acknowledgment of her contribution and leadership. (Click image to view larger picture.) 

·  October 26, 2011

Dan Chenok, Howard Schmidt, Cita Furlani and Matt Scholl pose for a group photo.
L-R, Dan Chenok, Chair, ISPAB; Howard Schmidt, Cybersecurity Coordinator and Special Assistant to the President; Cita M. Furlani, Director, Information Technology Laboratory, NIST; Matt Scholl, Deputy Division Chief, Computer Security Division, NIST. (click image to view a larger image.) 

·  October 27, 2011

ISPAB Meeting - in Photo (L to R: Dan Chenok, Chair; and Matt Scholl, DFO ISPAB - NIST
L-R, Dan Chenok, Chair, and Matt Scholl, DFO ISPAB and Deputy Division Chief, Computer Security Division, NIST at ISPAB Meeting. (Click image to view larger picture.)



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