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Post-Quantum Cryptography PQC

Round 4 Submissions

Official comments on the Fourth Round Candidate Algorithms should be submitted using the "Submit Comment" link for the appropriate algorithm. Comments from the pqc-forum Google group subscribers will also be forwarded to the pqc-forum Google group list. We will periodically post and update the comments received to the appropriate algorithm.

All relevant comments will be posted in their entirety and should not include PII information in the body of the email message.

Please refrain from using OFFICIAL COMMENT to ask administrative questions, which should be sent to

History of Round 4 Updates

Round 4 Submissions: Public-key Encryption and Key-establishment Algorithms

Algorithm Algorithm Information Submitters Comments

Zip file (3MB)


Nicolas Aragon
Paulo Barreto
Slim Bettaieb
Loic Bidoux
Olivier Blazy
Jean-Christophe Deneuville
Phillipe Gaborit
Shay Gueron
Tim Guneysu
Carlos Aguilar Melchor
Rafael Misoczki
Edoardo Persichetti
Nicolas Sendrier
Jean-Pierre Tillich
Gilles Zemor
Valentin Vasseur
Santosh Ghosh
Jan Richter-Brokmann

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Classic McEliece
(merger of Classic McEliece

GZ file (4MB)
KAT files (GZ format) (93MB)


Daniel J. Bernstein
Tung Chou
Carlos Cid
Jan Gilcher
Tanja Lange
Varun Maram
Ingo von Maurich
Rafael Misoczki
Ruben Niederhagen
Edoardo Persichetti
Christiane Peters
Nicolas Sendrier
Jakub Szefer
Cen Jung Tjhai
Martin Tomlinson
Wen Wang

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Zip File (13MB)

IP Statements

Carlos Aguilar Melchor
Nicolas Aragon
Slim Bettaieb
Loïc Bidoux
Olivier Blazy
Jean-Christophe Deneuville
Philippe Gaborit
Edoardo Persichetti
Gilles Zémor
Jurjen Bos
Arnaud Dion
Jerome Lacan
Jean-Marc Robert
Pascal Veron

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The SIKE teams acknowledges that 
SIKE and SIDH are insecure and should not be used.

Zip File (11MB)


David Jao
Reza Azarderakhsh
Matthew Campagna
Craig Costello
Luca De Feo
Basil Hess
Amir Jalali
Brian Koziel
Brian LaMacchia
Patrick Longa
Michael Naehrig
Joost Renes
Vladimir Soukharev
David Urbanik
Geovandro Pereira
Koray Karabina
Aaron Hutchinson
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Created January 03, 2017, Updated July 19, 2024