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Usable Cybersecurity

User Perceptions & Behaviors

Understanding user behavior is critical to achieving security objectives. People are repeatedly bombarded with messages about the dangers lurking on the Internet and are encouraged (or forced) to take numerous security-related actions, often without a clear understanding of why and to what end.

We conduct research to discover people’s security and privacy perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors with a goal of developing cybersecurity guidance that: 1) takes into account user needs, biases, and limitations and 2) helps people make sound security decisions.

Current/recent research projects:

  • Data guardians - understanding the experiences, perceptions, and challenges of professionals tasked with protecting other people's personal data in their daily work

Past projects:

  • Security and privacy perceptions and behaviors – explored online security/privacy perceptions and behaviors of three groups: general public, security experts, and workers entrusted with protecting personally identifiable information


Created November 17, 2016, Updated November 29, 2022