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NIST Releases Draft SP 800-179 Rev. 1 for Comment
October 19, 2018
NIST invites comments on Draft Special Publication 800-179 Rev. 1, "Guide to Securing macOS 10.12...
NCCoE Releases Draft SP 1800-18 for Comment
September 28, 2018
NIST is seeking comments on Draft SP 1800-18, a practice guide demonstrating Privileged Account...
Security Considerations for Code Signing
January 26, 2018
 A new NIST cybersecurity white paper is available, Security Considerations for Code...
NIST Announces the Release of SP 800-190
September 25, 2017
NIST Announces the Final Release of Special Publication (SP) 800-190, Application Container...
NIST Releases Second Draft SP 800-125A
September 14, 2017
NIST Releases the Second Draft of Special Publication 800-125A, Security Recommendations for...

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Created June 08, 2016, Updated September 26, 2017