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News & Updates

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September 26, 2023

NIST has published Interagency Report (IR) 8476, 3rd High-Performance Computing Security Workshop: Joint NIST-NSF Workshop Report, which offers summaries and key insights from collaborative workshop hosted by NIST and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

January 7, 2021

NIST publishes NISTIR 8322, Workshop Summary Report for “Building the Federal Profile for IoT Device Cybersecurity” Virtual Workshop.

November 3, 2020
Federal Register Number: 2020-24283

Draft FIPS 201-3, "Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors," is now available for public comment through February 1, 2021. 

April 29, 2020

NISTIR 8294, "Symposium on Federally Funded Research on Cybersecurity of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)," has been published, describing a NIST-hosted event from September 12, 2019. It also includes the meeting agenda and seven presentations.

September 19, 2017

NISTIR 8192, “Enhancing Resilience of the Internet and Communications Ecosystem,” is now available

July 29, 2014

On February 25, 2014, the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) International, in cooperation with FirstNet and the Department of Commerce held a half-day workshop titled “Public Safety Mobile Application Security Requirements” attended by ...

October 31, 1999
Federal Register Number: 99-28495

NIST announces a workshop to examine public key-based management techniques as specified in ANSI X9.42, X9.44, and X9.63. It will be held at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland on February 10-11, 2000.