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For 50 years, NIST—formerly the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), until 1988—has conducted cybersecurity research and developed cybersecurity guidance for industry, government, and academia. Since 1972, NIST has made extraordinary advancements in cybersecurity, leading the effort to the current state of technology that exists today.

To highlight many of these accomplishments and honor the hard work and dedication by NIST's cybersecurity staff, NIST has developed the NIST Cybersecurity Program History and Timeline. The timeline provides an overview of the major research projects, programs, and ultimately, NIST's cybersecurity history.

This history has been compiled by bringing together several sources of information, including written contributions from and interviews with current and former NIST employees, the Annual Reports on cybersecurity produced by NIST starting in 2003, and current and past NIST webpages and publications.

Also see our 50th Anniversary of Cybersecurity at NIST site for events, blogs, and other resources!



NIST would like to thank the following individuals who contributed to the development of this site, in addition to the many other NIST colleagues who used their subject matter expertise to review the site (included are the affiliations of individuals at the time of their contributions) :

Sarah Akhtar, Dakota Consulting
Curt Barker, Dakota Consulting
Elaine Barker, NIST
Dennis Branstad, NIST (retired)
Yolanda Bursie, NIST
Donna Dodson, NIST 
Jonathan Eskin, NIST
Antoine Fillinger, Dakota Consulting
Jim Foti, NIST
Lynette Hammond Gerido, Dakota Consulting
Manisha Kapur, Strativia
Stuart Katzke, NIST (retired)
Tim McBride, NIST
Christian Nickel, NIST and Huntington Ingalls Industries
Aliza Reisberg, NIST
Kristina Rigopoulos, NIST
Lokesh Sayal, Dakota Consulting
Karen Scarfone, Scarfone Cybersecurity
Miles Smid, NIST (retired) 
Lorin Smith, NIST
Kevin Stine, NIST
Wendy SzwercHuntington Ingalls Industries
Isabel Van Wyk, NIST
Michael Wang, Dakota Consulting