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Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

The Palo Alto Networks Crypto Module provides the cryptographic functionality for a variety of platforms i.e. the PA-200, PA-500, PA-2000, PA-3000, PA-4000, PA-5000 and PA-7050 firewalls and M100/Panorama. The firewalls provide network security by enabling enterprises to see/control applications, users, and content.
PAN-OS 6.0/Panorama 6.0 (Firmware)
Palo Alto Networks
4401 Great America Parkway
Santa Clara, California 95054
Richard Bishop
Fax: 408-753-4001
Jake Bajic

AES 2896

   First Validated: 7/10/2014
Operating Environment Algorithm Capabilities
Cavium Octeon MIPS64 AES-CBC Expand
Intel Celeron P4505 AES-CBC Expand
Intel Core I7 AES-CBC Expand
Intel Multi Core Xeon AES-CBC Expand
Cavium Octeon MIPS64 AES-CFB1 Expand
Intel Celeron P4505 AES-CFB1 Expand
Intel Core I7 AES-CFB1 Expand
Intel Multi Core Xeon AES-CFB1 Expand
Cavium Octeon MIPS64 AES-CFB128 Expand
Intel Celeron P4505 AES-CFB128 Expand
Intel Core I7 AES-CFB128 Expand
Intel Multi Core Xeon AES-CFB128 Expand
Cavium Octeon MIPS64 AES-CFB8 Expand
Intel Celeron P4505 AES-CFB8 Expand
Intel Core I7 AES-CFB8 Expand
Intel Multi Core Xeon AES-CFB8 Expand
Cavium Octeon MIPS64 AES-CTR Expand
Intel Celeron P4505 AES-CTR Expand
Intel Core I7 AES-CTR Expand
Intel Multi Core Xeon AES-CTR Expand
Cavium Octeon MIPS64 AES-ECB Expand
Intel Celeron P4505 AES-ECB Expand
Intel Core I7 AES-ECB Expand
Intel Multi Core Xeon AES-ECB Expand
Cavium Octeon MIPS64 AES-OFB Expand
Intel Celeron P4505 AES-OFB Expand
Intel Core I7 AES-OFB Expand
Intel Multi Core Xeon AES-OFB Expand

Created October 05, 2016, Updated March 08, 2021