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Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

Implementation Name
NITROX PX implements algorithms in hardware in each of several identical processor cores: SHA and MD5 hash/HMAC, 3 DES/AES256 encryption, and ModMul/ModEx/RSA pkcs 1 v15. IPSec, SSL, and WLAN protocols are aslo accelerated. Performance ranges available: 500Mbps to 2.5 Gbps encryption and/or hash; 4K to 17K RSA ops/sec; 6K to 25K DH ops/sec.
Nitrox Px Series Die, 1.2 Nitrox Px TLS KDF, 1.85 (Firmware)
Cavium, Inc.
2315 N. First Street
San Jose, CA 95131
Tasha Castañeda
408 943-7380

Component 166

   First Validated: 12/13/2013
Operating Environment Algorithm Capabilities
Cavium Nitrox Px Series KDF TLS Expand

Created October 05, 2016, Updated March 16, 2023