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All questions regarding the implementation and/or use of any algorithm should first be directed to the appropriate VENDOR point of contact (listed for each entry).

NIST maintains record of validations performed under all cryptographic standard testing programs past and present. As new algorithm implementations are validated by NIST and CCCS they may be viewed using the search interface below.

Validations for several retired algorithms are not available via the search interface, but may be found in the lists below.

Showing 9 matching records.
Vendor Product Validation Number Validation Date
CAST, Inc. CAST AES-CBC C1147 9/20/2019
CAST, Inc. CAST AES-CCM C1173 10/2/2019
CAST, Inc. CAST AES-CTR C1148 9/20/2019
CAST, Inc. CAST AES-ECB C1146 9/20/2019
CAST, Inc. CAST AES-GCM C1157 9/24/2019
CAST, Inc. CAST AES-OFB C1152 9/23/2019
CAST, Inc. CAST AES-P C1145 9/20/2019
CAST, Inc. CAST AES-XTS C1166 10/1/2019
CAST, Inc. CAST SHA-256 C1149 9/23/2019

Created October 05, 2016, Updated April 09, 2020