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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP


Use this form to search for information on validated cryptographic modules. 

Select the basic search type to search modules on the active validation list.  Select the advanced search type to to search modules on the historical and revoked module lists.

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10 certificates match the search criteria

Certificate Number Vendor Name Module Name Module Type Validation Date
3851 Google, LLC. Titan Security Key, Chip Boundary Hardware 03/18/2021
3753 Google, LLC. BoringCrypto Android Software 12/02/2020
3678 Google, LLC BoringCrypto Software 07/13/2020
3384 Google, Inc. Delta Cryptographic Module Hardware 03/27/2019
3383 Google, Inc. River Cryptographic Module Hardware 03/22/2019
3382 Google, Inc. Titan Chip Hardware 03/22/2019
3361 Google, Inc. Titan Security Key, Chip Boundary Hardware 02/04/2019
3318 Google, Inc. BoringCrypto Software 11/02/2018
3033 Google, Inc. Titan Key Hardware 10/02/2017
2964 Google, Inc. BoringCrypto Software 07/19/2017
Created October 11, 2016, Updated October 13, 2021