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Biometric Conformance Test Software BioCTS
The Computer Security Division (CSD) supports the development of national and international biometric standards and promotes conformity assessment through:  Participation in the development of biometric standards Sponsorship of conformance testing methodology standard projects Development of associated conformance test architectures and test suites Leadership in national (link is external) and international (link is external) standards development bodies Visit the Biometric Conformance...
Crypto Publication Review Project
This project summarizes NIST’s current and planned activities for reviewing its cryptography standards and other publications. The Crypto Publication Review Board (“the Board”) within the Computer Security Division identifies a publication for review based on its original publishing date and any relevant issues raised since it was published. The targeted review period for each publication is every five years. The Board welcomes public comments on the publications under review and will consider...
Cryptographic Standards and Guidelines Development Process
In 2013, news reports about leaked classified documents caused concern from the cryptographic community about the security of NIST cryptographic standards and guidelines. NIST is also deeply concerned by these reports, some of which have questioned the integrity of the NIST standards development process. NIST has a proud history in open cryptographic standards, beginning in the 1970s with the Data Encryption Standard. We strive for a consistently open and transparent process that enlists the...
Multi-Party Threshold Cryptography MPTC
The multi-party paradigm of threshold cryptography enables threshold schemes, for a secure distribution of trust in the operation of cryptographic primitives. Upcoming (expected by March 2024): Revised version of NIST IR 8214C ipd: NIST First Call for Multi-Party Threshold Schemes (initial public draft). DOI: 10.6028/NIST.IR.8214C.ipd. Public comments have been received. The presentations given at MPTS 2023 are also being considered as public feedback. Upcoming (expected by March 2024): NIST...