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Cybersecurity Framework CSF
[Redirect to https://www.nist.gov/cyberframework] The Cybersecurity Framework is voluntary guidance, based on existing standards, guidelines, and practices, for critical infrastructure organizations to better manage and reduce cybersecurity risk. In addition to helping organizations manage and reduce risks, it was designed to foster risk and cybersecurity management communications amongst both internal and external organizational stakeholders. *Federal agencies do have requirements to implement...
Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management C-SCRM
NEW! Request for Information | Evaluating and Improving NIST Cybersecurity Resources: The NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management  --> Latest updates: NIST Cybersecurity SCRM Fact Sheet (05/12/22) NIST updates Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management Practices for Systems and Organizations guidance in NIST SP 800-161r1, which also helps fulfill NIST's responsibilities under E.O. 14028. (05/05/22) See the comments received from 132 organizations and...
Log Management
NIST is in the process of revising NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-92, Guide to Computer Security Log Management. Recent incidents have underscored how important it is for organizations to generate, safeguard, and retain logs of their system and network events, both to improve incident detection and to aid in incident response and recovery activities. Logs that are retained for an extended period of time may be the only record an organization has of what occurred during an incident to identify...
NIST Personal Identity Verification Program NPIVP
NIST has established the NIST Personal Identity Verification Validation Program (NPIVP) to validate Personal Identity Verification (PIV) components required by Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201. The objectives of the NPIVP program are: to validate the compliance/conformance of two PIV components --PIV middleware and PIV card application with the specifications in NIST SP 800-73; and to provides the assurance that the set of PIV middleware and PIV card applications that have...
Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and Contractors PIV
FIPS 201-3  Personal Identity Verification (PIV) for Federal Employees and  Contractors  is available at https://csrc.nist.gov/publications/detail/fips/201/3/final.  A chronical of changes since the initial issuance of FIPS 201 is available in FIPS 201-3, Appendix E, Revision History.   Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201 entitled Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and Contractors establishes a standard for a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) system...
Secure Software Development Framework SSDF
SSDF version 1.1 is published! NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-218, Secure Software Development Framework (SSDF) Version 1.1: Recommendations for Mitigating the Risk of Software Vulnerabilities has been posted as final, along with a Microsoft Excel version of the SSDF 1.1 table. SP 800-218 includes mappings from Executive Order (EO) 14028 Section 4e clauses to the SSDF practices and tasks that help address each clause. Also, see a summary of changes from version 1.1 and plans for the SSDF....