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Pairing-Based Cryptography
Recently, what are known as “pairings” on elliptic curves have been a very active area of research in cryptography. A pairing is a function that maps a pair of points on an elliptic curve into a finite field. Their unique properties have enabled many new cryptographic protocols that had not previously been feasible. In particular, identity-based encryption (IBE) is a pairing-based scheme that has received considerable attention. IBE uses some form of a person (or entity’s) identification to...
Privacy Engineering
  Additionally, the NIST privacy engineering program (PEP) supports the development of trustworthy information systems by applying measurement science and system engineering principles to the creation of frameworks, risk models, guidance, tools, and standards that protect privacy and, by extension, civil liberties. Visit the NIST Privacy Engineering project homepage for full details.
Privacy Framework
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Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography PEC
PEC. The Cryptographic Technology Group (CTG) at the Computer Security Division (CSD) at NIST intends to follow the progress of emerging technologies in the area of privacy enhancing cryptography (PEC). The PEC project seeks to promote the use of cryptographic protocols that enable promoting privacy goals. In this area, the technical challenge is often to enable parties to interact meaningfully, towards achieving an application goal, without revealing unneeded private information to one another...
Usable Cybersecurity
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Usable Cybersecurity team brings together experts in diverse disciplines to work on projects aimed at understanding and improving the usability of cybersecurity software, hardware, systems, and processes. Our goal is to provide actionable guidance for policymakers, system engineers and security professionals so that they can make better decisions that enhance the usability of cybersecurity in their organizations. Recent Media...