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Algorithms for Intrusion Measurement AIM
The Algorithms for Intrusion Measurement (AIM) project furthers measurement science in the area of algorithms used in the field of intrusion detection. The team focuses on both new detection metrics and measurements of scalability (more formally algorithmic complexity). This analysis is applied to different phases of the detection lifecycle to include pre-emptive vulnerability analysis, initial attack detection, alert impact, alert aggregation/correlation, and compact log storage. In performing...
Usable Cybersecurity
We are the Usable Cybersecurity team within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Visualization and Usability Group. Our multi-disciplinary team conducts research at the intersection of cybersecurity, human factors, cognitive science, and psychology to “champion the human in cybersecurity.” Through research and other human-centered projects, we seek to better understand and improve people’s interactions with cybersecurity systems, products, and services....