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Continuous Monitoring ConMon
To advance the state of the art in continuous monitoring capabilities and to further interoperability within commercially available tools, the Computer Security Division is working within the international standards development community to establish working groups and to author and comment on emerging technical standards in this area. The CAESARS-FE reference architecture will evolve as greater consensus is developed around interoperable, standards-based approaches that enable continuous...
Security Content Automation Protocol Validation Program SCAPVP
The SCAP Validation Program is designed to test the ability of products to use the features and functionality available through SCAP and its component standards. Under the SCAP Validation Program, independent laboratories are accredited by the NIST National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP). Accreditation requirements are defined in NIST Handbook 150, and NIST Handbook 150-17. Independent laboratories conduct the tests contained in the SCAP Validation Program Derived Test...