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Log Management
NIST is in the process of revising NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-92, Guide to Computer Security Log Management. Recent incidents have underscored how important it is for organizations to generate, safeguard, and retain logs of their system and network events, both to improve incident detection and to aid in incident response and recovery activities. Logs that are retained for an extended period of time may be the only record an organization has of what occurred during an incident to identify...
Open Security Controls Assessment Language OSCAL
NIST, in collaboration with the industry, is developing the Open Security Controls Assessment Language (OSCAL), a set of hierarchical, formatted, XML- JSON- and YAML-based formats that provide a standardized representation for different categories of security information pertaining to the publication, implementation, and assessment of security controls. The OSCAL website provides an overview of the OSCAL project, including tutorials, concepts, references, downloads, and much more. OSCAL is...