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Conference Proceedings

Functional Security Criteria for Distributed Systems

Published: October 10, 1995


Janet Cugini (NIST), Rob Dobry (NSA), Virgil Gligor (University of Maryland), Terry Mayfield (IDA)


Name: 18th National Information Systems Security Conference (NISSC)
Dates: October 10-13, 1995
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Citation: Proceedings of the 18th National Information Systems Security Conference, vol. 1, pp. 310-321



protection profiles; security targets; assignment; refinement; augmentation; cryptography; key management; distributed system; secure distributed system; realm; trusted channel; security perimeter; interconnection policies; simple subject; compound subject; delegation chain; restricted delegation chain; AND-chained identities; message origin authentication; mutual authentication
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Document History:
10/10/95: Conference Proceedings (Final)