NISTIR 7981 (Draft)

Mobile, PIV, and Authentication

Date Published: March 2014
Comments Due: April 21, 2014 (public comment period is CLOSED)
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Hildegard Ferraiolo (NIST), Andrew Regenscheid (NIST), David Cooper (NIST), Salvatore Francomacaro (NIST), William Burr (Dakota Consulting)


NIST announces public comment release of NISTIR 7981, Mobile, PIV, and Authentication. NIST IR 7981 analysis and summarizes various current and near-term options for remote authentication with mobile devices that leverage both the investment in the PIV infrastructure and the unique security capabilities of mobile devices.



Derived PIV Credential; PIV Card; microSD; USB; UICC; mobile device; smart phone; electronic authentication; tablet
Control Families

Identification and Authentication; System and Communications Protection


Draft NISTIR 7981
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03/07/14: NISTIR 7981 (Draft)