NISTIR 8011 Vol. 2 (Draft)

Automation Support for Security Control Assessments: Hardware Asset Management

Date Published: February 2016
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Kelley Dempsey (NIST), Paul Eavy (DHS), George Moore (APL)


NIST is pleased to announce the initial public draft release of NIST Internal Report (NISTIR) 8011, Automation Support for Security Control Assessments, Volumes 1 and 2. This NISTIR represents a joint effort between NIST and the Department of Homeland Security to provide an operational approach for automating security control assessments in order to facilitate information security continuous monitoring (ISCM), ongoing assessment, and ongoing security authorizations in a way that is consistent with the NIST Risk Management Framework overall and the guidance in NIST SPs 800-53 and 800-53A in particular.

NISTIR 8011 will ultimately consist of 13 volumes. Volume 1 introduces the general approach to automating security control assessments, 12 ISCM security capabilities, and terms and concepts common to all 12 capabilities. Volume 2 provides details specific to the hardware asset management security capability. The remaining 11 ISCM security capability volumes will provide details specific to each capability but will be organized in a very similar way to Volume 2.



assessment boundary; assessment method; authorization boundary; automated assessment; automation; capability; continuous diagnostics and mitigation; dashboard; defect; defect check; desired state specification; information security continuous monitoring; mitigation; ongoing assessment; root cause analysis; security automation; security capability; security control; security control assessment; assessment; actual state; security control item
Control Families

Audit and Accountability; Assessment, Authorization and Monitoring; Risk Assessment


Draft NISTIR 8011 Vol. 2: Hardware Asset Management

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