SP 800-103 (Retired Draft)

An Ontology of Identity Credentials - Part 1: Background and Formulation

Date Published: October 2006
Comments Due: November 15, 2006 (public comment period is CLOSED)
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William MacGregor (NIST), William Dutcher (BAH), Jamil Khan (BAH)


NIST is pleased to announce the release of Draft of the Special Publication 800-103, An Ontology of Identity Credentials, Part 1: Background and Formulation. The SP 800-103 is available for a six week public comment period. This document provides the broadest possible range of identity credentials and supporting documents insofar as they pertain to identity credential issuance. Priority is given to examples of primary and secondary identity credentials issued within the United States. Part 2 of this document will provide an Extensible Markup Language (XML) schemas, as a framework for retention and exchange of identity credential information.



identity credentials; ontology
Control Families

Access Control; Identification and Authentication; Personnel Security; Physical and Environmental Protection; System and Communications Protection


Draft SP 800-103

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10/06/06: SP 800-103 (Draft)