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SP 800-16 Rev. 1 (Draft)

A Role-Based Model for Federal Information Technology/Cybersecurity Training (2nd Draft)

Date Published: October 2013
Comments Due: November 30, 2013 (public comment period is CLOSED)
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Patricia Toth (NIST), Penny Klein (Systegra)


SP 800-16 describes information technology / cyber security role-based training for Federal Departments and Agencies and Organizations (Federal Organizations). Its primary focus is to provide a comprehensive, yet flexible, training methodology for the development of training courses or modules for personnel who have been identified as having significant information technology / cyber security responsibilities.



cyber security; information assurance; learning continuum; role-based training; security; security awareness; security controls; security literacy
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(2nd Draft) SP 800-16 Rev. 1

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Document History:
03/20/09: SP 800-16 Rev. 1 (Draft)
10/24/13: SP 800-16 Rev. 1 (Draft)
03/14/14: SP 800-16 Rev. 1 (Draft)


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