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White Paper (Draft)

[Project Description] Mobile Application Single Sign-On: for Public Safety and First Responders

Date Published: July 2016
Comments Due: September 16, 2016 (public comment period is CLOSED)
Email Questions to: psfr-nccoe@nist.gov


Paul Grassi (NIST), William Fisher (NIST)


The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has posted a draft Project Description on the topic of Mobile Application Single Sign-On: for Public Safety and First Responders.

On-demand access to public safety data is critical to ensuring that public safety and first responder (PSFR) personnel can deliver the proper care and support during an emergency. This requirement necessitates that PSFR personnel rely heavily on mobile platforms while in the field, which may be used to access sensitive information such as personally identifiable information, law enforcement sensitive information, or protected health information. The vast diversity of public safety personnel, missions, and operational environments presents unique challenges to implementing efficient and secure authentication mechanisms in order to protect access to this sensitive information.

This project seeks to demonstrate a reference design for multifactor authentication and mobile single sign-on for native and web applications, while improving interoperability between mobile platforms, applications, and identity providers irrespective of the application development platform used in their construction. Ultimately, this project and its example solution aims to help PSFR personnel efficiently and securely gain access to mission data via mobile devices and applications.



biometric; first responder; mobile authentication; multifactor authentication; native applications; public safety; single sign-on; authentication; SSO
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Access Control; Identification and Authentication


Draft Project Description

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Document History:
07/27/16: White Paper (Draft)
11/28/16: White Paper (Final)


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biometrics; mobile

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