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Forum Membership

New members are always welcome! Bi-monthly meetings are held to discuss current issues and are open to federal employees and their support contractors. Meeting announcements are made through the listserv.

The Forum maintains an extensive email listserv and database. Participation in the listserv is only open to federal government employees who participate in the management of their organization's information system security program. There are no membership dues.

To join or to be removed from the listserv (, please e-mail the following information to

  • Name
  • Title
  • Federal agency
  • E-mail address to be used in listserv
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone
  • Confirmation you are a federal employee

Procedural Instructions for Use of Forum Mail List:

  1. Use the list server to share information and ask questions. Be aware that all members of the list receive each of the email messages anytime a message is sent to <>. PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH ZIP FILES NOR FILES LARGER THAN 5MB. Many email systems are not equipped to handle large data downloads. We suggest that any such items be made available 'upon request' so that individual members can decide if their systems have the capability to accept them. See number 6 for how to be removed from the list.
  2. Members can post any response to questions to the list server with the knowledge that all members on the list will receive that response posted. Therefore, each individual does not have to send out another email asking to be included in a specific response.
  3. Please do not send out email to the list that contain your personal comments such as “I concur, thank-you,” etc. These types of replies/comments can be sent directly to the individual that posted the message originally. Do not automatically click the reply icon on the incoming message, as the entire forum list will receive your personal message.
  4. NIST reserves the right to unsubscribe those members who do not comply with the intent of the service that NIST has provided for the Forums’ use.
  5. From time to time, there may be some 'hiccup' in the communications between your system and NIST's system causing some email addresses to be dropped. If you notice that you have not received any forum email traffic after a reasonable period of time, please notify Peggy Himes at so that we can verify that your email address is still active on the NIST server.
  6. Members are responsible for notifying NIST if their email address has changed. Please use to request list changes rather than sending to the entire list. NIST WILL AUTOMATICALLY REMOVE ANY EMAIL ADDRESS THAT CONTINUES TO BE UNDELIVERABLE AFTER SEVEN DAYS.