Mike Petock
Deputy Program Manager
Avaya Government Solutions

Mike Petock is the Deputy Program Manager and a Senior Information Assurance Instructor for the Department of State’s Information Assurance Training Program. He is the Task Lead for the Department’s Cybersecurity Online Learning (COL) program; a project that augments cybersecurity training for employees in monthly Adobe Connect sessions. This training provides information on new and emerging trends and technology, as well as emerging threats. He also manages a staff that oversees the course coordination, registration, and logistical support for over 1000 students and 100+ annual courses both overseas and domestically.

A senior instructor with over 10 years of classroom experience, he develops and presents information assurance courses for Systems Administrators, Managers, Executives, Security Officers, and is currently working on courses for System Owners and IT Auditors.

Speaking Schedule
Wednesday, September 18, 11:55-12:45pm - The Cybersecurity Online Learning Program at Department of State… Continuous Training for All