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The Computer Security Resource Center (CSRC) has information on many of NIST's cybersecurity- and information security-related projects, publications, news and events. CSRC supports people and organizations in government, industry, and academia—both in the U.S. and internationally.

Recent News

Data Protection for Cloud-Native Apps: Draft NIST IR 8505 June 14, 2024
The initial public draft of NIST Internal Report (IR) 8505, A Data Protection Approach for Cloud-Native Applications, is now available for public comment.
Public Comments Requested on SP 800-38B and 800-38C June 14, 2024
NIST is reviewing Special Publications 800-38B and 800-38C (CMAC and CCM block cipher modes) and requests public comments by September 13, 2024.
Hardware Security Fault Scenarios: NIST IR 8517 ipd June 13, 2024
NIST Internal Report (IR) 8517, Hardware Security Failure Scenarios: Potential Weaknesses in Hardware Design, is now available for public comment.
NIST SP 800-229 Now Available May 20, 2024
This week, NIST released Special Publication 800-229, Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 Cybersecurity and Privacy Annual Report.
Proposal to Revise SP 800-135 Rev. 1 May 15, 2024
NIST's Crypto Publication Review Board is proposing to revise Special Publication (SP) 800-135 Revision 1, "Recommendation for Existing Application-Specific Key Derivation Functions." Submit public comments through Friday,...

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Upcoming Events

Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB) July 2024 Meeting July 17, 2024 - July 18, 2024
The Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB) is authorized by 15 U.S.C. 278g-4, as amended, and advises the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Secretary of Homeland Security (DHS), and...
NIST Workshop on Formal Methods within Certification Programs (FMCP 2024) July 23, 2024 - July 25, 2024
Full Workshop and Registration Details NIST will host the Workshop on Formal Methods within Certification Programs (FMCP 2024) on July 23-25, 2024, at the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Rockville, Maryland....
WPEC 2024: NIST Workshop on Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography 2024 September 24, 2024 - September 26, 2024
WPEC 2024 (September 24–26) is a virtual workshop, free to attend, and with a call for talk proposals. Useful links: Free registration (ZoomGov event); Workshop Call (PDF file); Submission Form (PDF file). WPEC 2024, the...

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