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NIST Risk Management Framework RMF

SP 800-53 Controls and SP 800-53B Control Baselines

Resources for Implementers

800-53 Release Search



View/Search Controls & Baselines

SP 800-53 Release Search 

  • View the SP 800-53 controls and SP 800-53B control baselines as a webpage 
  • Search all controls 


Download Controls and Control Baselines




Download Controls & Baselines

  • Download the controls and control baselines in XML, CSV, PDF, and spreadsheet formats
  • Links to the SP 800-53 OSCAL Git Repository





Control Overlay Repo


Control Overlay Repository

Formerly the Security Control Overlay Repository

  • Learn more about Control Overlays
  • How to develop and submit a Control Overlay
  • View Control Overlay Submissions


Created November 30, 2016, Updated July 22, 2021