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NIST Risk Management Framework RMF

SP 800-53 Public Comments Overview

Welcome to the NIST SP 800-53 Public Comment Website

NIST Control Systems Cybersecurity Infographic


The NIST SP 800-53 Public Comment Site was developed to ensure that the SP 800-53 control catalog provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date set of controls/countermeasures to manage security, privacy, and supply chain risk. By modernizing the NIST comment process and moving to an online dataset instead of following a document-based update process, NIST can provide its stakeholders the most up-to-date controls in multiple data formats to manage risk while encouraging use of automation. 

Stakeholders can provide feedback on controls by:

  • submitting a "proposal" for a new control and/or control enhancement,
  • submitting a "proposal" for a change to an existing control and/or control enhancement,
  • reviewing and commenting on proposed updates to controls ("candidates") through this website,
  • previewing controls that are planned for inclusion in a future update to SP 800-53 ("awaiting publication").  

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Created November 30, 2016, Updated April 10, 2024