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Systems Security Engineering (SSE) Project SSE


Systems security engineering contributes to a broad-based and holistic security perspective and focus within the systems engineering effort. This ensures that stakeholder protection needs and security concerns associated with the system are properly identified and addressed in all systems engineering tasks throughout the system life cycle.

Mission Statement...

  • To provide a basis to formalize a discipline for systems security engineering in terms of its principles, concepts, and activities.
  • To foster a common mindset to deliver security for any system, regardless of its scope, size, complexity, or stage of the system life cycle.
  • To provide considerations and to demonstrate how systems security engineering principles, concepts, and activities can be effectively applied to systems engineering activities.
  • To advance the field of systems security engineering by promulgating it as a discipline that can be applied and studied.
  • To serve as a basis for the development of educational and training programs, including the development of individual certifications and other professional assessment criteria.

July 2021: SSE Project Update

Due to the recent surge in ransomware attacks against critical U.S. targets, NIST has accelerated the update to its cyber resiliency guideline, Special Publication 800-160, Volume 2, Developing Cyber Resilient Systems. The initial public draft has been completed and is currently undergoing an internal review. The publication is on the fast track with expected posting and release for public comment in August 2021.

Learn More About the SP 800-160, Volume 2 Update


Created November 21, 2016, Updated July 07, 2021