Community Colleges and Designations of Excellence in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics (CAE2Y, CDFAE)
Thursday, September 19, 2:05-3:00pm - Presentation

This series of sessions will focus on initiatives that community colleges are leading in cybersecurity education, and on efforts to recognize and advance community colleges' role in the cybersecurity arena. Tentative topics will include coordination of community colleges' efforts across the nation; innovative curricula and coverage of leading-edge topics at the community college level; standardizing curricula within the NICE Framework; designations of excellence for community college programs; articulation of two-year and four-year programs to promote student transfer; development of "stackable certificates" and bachelor's degree programs at community colleges; and use of virtualization technology for labs and competition environments.

Dr. Vera Zdravkovich   Dr. Vera Zdravkovich

  Corrinne Sande

Mr. John Knight   Mr. John Knight

Ms. Dawn Blanche   Ms. Dawn Blanche

Karen Leuschner
National IA Education and Training Program

Denisha Jackson
National IA Education and Training Program