Becoming an Active Cyber Defender to Help Protect the Cyber Community
Thursday, September 19, 2:05-3:00pm

The ways in which we communicate and share information have evolved in every way. From drawing on layers of rock on the walls of caves, to now having live (even video) conversations with people thousands of miles away; using only the tips of our fingers. This evolution has been made possible, in part, by the advent of the internet. The internet has given us a wondrous tool that we use to collaborate and communicate daily. It is increasingly becoming the primary place in which we read, shop, watch, and LOL. This live, virtual gathering place is alluring to the cyber criminals who seek to take advantage of our cravings for convenience. The spike in cybercrime that we’ve witnessed recently is a direct result in the ways in which we communicate, and is a reflection of our many bad habits. Since the internet isn’t going anywhere, it is important for us as users to be more cognizant of how we are using it and the need to become active Cyber Defenders to help protect the cyber community. That means we need to:

Be Aware.

Use Your Head.

Get Hands-on.