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20th NISSC Proceedings
October 1997 - Baltimore, Maryland

This directory contains files from the CD-ROM which contains electronic versions of the documents used to create the conference proceedings. The documents were submitted in various formats and converted to Adobe's Acrobat(TM) Portable Document Format (PDF). Every attempt was made to create legible documents. The documents must be read with Adobe's Acrobat Reader, or some other compatible program. The file toc.pdf contains the table of contents. Open this file first, then click within the box which surrounds the entry for a paper, presentation, or panel statement.

You can retrieve all the PDF files at once by downloading This is an archive file created in PKZIP(TM) format. This also contains the index files which allows the reader to search for keywords in all the documents. You must have the Acrobat Reader with the Search plugin to use the index.

Free Adobe Acrobat PDF readers and browser plugins are available from Adobe at

Commercial and free versions of PKUNZIP(TM)-compatible viewers and/or WWW browser plugins are available from local software stores and WWW sites.