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Cryptographic Algorithms for Protecting Computer Data During Transmission and Dormant Storage: Solicitation of Proposals
October 20, 1988

See page 12763 of Federal Register Vol. 38, No. 93, Tuesday, May 15, 1973.


SUMMARY: The National Bureau of Standards solicits proposals for algorithms for the encryption of computer data to ensure their protection during transmission over exposed communications facilities or while recorded on media and in transport or in storage. It is the intent of NBS to collect the submitted algorithms, select those suitable for commercial and nondefense government use and to publish guidelines relative to employing encryption.

[This was NBS/NIST's initial solicitation of encryption algorithms. The end result of this multi-year effort was the issuance of the Data Encryption Standard (DES) in 1977 as FIPS 46.]

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Document Number: 73-9705
Created February 28, 2020, Updated June 22, 2020