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DRAFT Special Publication 800-61 Revision 2, Computer Security Incident Handling Guide
February 01, 2012

NIST announces the public comment release of draft Special Publication (SP) 800-61 Revision 2, Computer Security Incident Handling Guide. It seeks to assist organizations in mitigating the risks from computer security incidents by providing practical guidelines on responding to incidents effectively and efficiently. The publication includes guidelines on establishing an effective incident response program, as well as detecting, analyzing, prioritizing, and handling incidents. SP 800-61 Revision 2 updates the previous revision, which was released in 2008. A detailed change-log is provided in Appendix H.
The comment period closed March 16th, 2012. Please submit comments to 800-61rev2-comments@nist.gov with "Comments SP 800-61" in the subject line.

Created December 22, 2016, Updated June 22, 2020