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Request for Information on Computer Security Incident Coordination (CSIC)
September 20, 2013

NIST is extending the deadline for submitting comments relating to Computer Security Incident Coordination. NIST experienced technical difficulties with receiving email comments from the time the notice was published on June 28, 2013 through July 31, 2013. Due to the technical difficulties experienced during the comment period, NIST may not have received all comments submitted via email on or before the closing date, July 29, 2013. Persons who submitted comments via email on or before July 29, 2013 may resubmit their comments during the extended comment period. In addition, since NIST is extending the comment period, persons who submitted untimely comments between July 29, 2013 and July 31, 2013 also may resubmit their comments during the extended comment period. NIST will accept new comments during the extended comment period as well. NIST will accept only emails during the extended time period.

Federal Register Notice

Document Number: 2013-22920

Parent Project

See: Cyber Threat Information Sharing
Created December 14, 2016, Updated June 22, 2020