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NIST Announce the Release of Draft Special Publication 800-154, Guide to Data-Centric System Threat Modeling
March 14, 2016

NIST requests public comments on Draft Special Publication (SP) 800-154Guide to Data-Centric System Threat Modeling. Data-centric system threat modeling is a form of risk assessment that models aspects of the attack and defense sides for selected data within a system. Draft SP 800-154 provides information on the basics of data-centric system threat modeling so that organizations can use it as part of their risk management processes instead of relying solely on conventional "best practice" recommendations. 
The public comment period for the publication closes on April 15, 2016
Send comments on Draft SP 800-154 to 800-154comments@nist.gov with "Comments SP 800-154" in the subject line. 
Comment Template for Draft SP 800-154 (Excel)

Created December 21, 2016, Updated June 22, 2020