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NIST Released DRAFT Special Publication 800-184, Guide for Cybersecurity Event Recovery
June 06, 2016

NIST is proud to announce the release of Draft Special Publication 800-184Guide for Cybersecurity Event Recovery. The purpose of this document is to support federal agencies in a technology-neutral way in improving their cyber event recovery plans, processes, and procedures. This publication provides tactical and strategic guidance regarding the planning, playbook developing, testing, and improvement of recovery planning. It also provides an example scenario that demonstrates guidance and informative metrics that may be helpful for improving resilience of the information systems. 

There is a Comment Template Form (Excel file) that can be used to submit comments for Draft SP 800-184. 

The public comment period closes on July 11, 2016
Please email comments to: csf-recover@nist.gov.

Created December 21, 2016, Updated June 22, 2020