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NIST Released SP 800-125B, Secure Virtual Network Configuration for Virtual Machine (VM) Protection
March 07, 2016

NIST announces the release of final version of NIST Special Publication 800-125BSecure Virtual Network Configuration for Virtual Machine (VM) Protection. VMs constitute the primary resource to be protected in a virtualized infrastructure, since they are the compute engines on which business/mission critical applications of the enterprise are run. Further, since VMs are end-nodes of a virtual network, the configuration of virtual network forms an important element in the security of VMs and their hosted applications. The virtual network configuration areas considered for VM protection in this document are – Network Segmentation, Network Path Redundancy, Firewall Deployment Architecture and VM Traffic Monitoring. The configuration options in each of these areas are analyzed for their advantages and disadvantages and security recommendations are provided.

Created December 21, 2016, Updated June 22, 2020