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NIST Released Special Publication 800-156, Representation of PIV Chain-of-Trust for Import and Export
May 23, 2016

NIST is pleased to announce the release of Special Publication 800-156Representation of PIV Chain-of-Trust for Import and Export. The document provides the data representation of a chain-of-trust record for the exchange of records between PIV Card issuers. The exchanged record can be used by an agency to personalize a PIV Card for a transferred employee, or by a service provider to personalize a PIV Card on behalf of client federal agencies. The data representation is based on a common XML schema to facilitate interoperable information sharing and data exchange. The document also provides support for data integrity through digital signatures and confidentiality through encryption of chain-of-trust data in transit and at rest.

Created December 21, 2016, Updated June 22, 2020